MCM 2019/T-Minus 6: Brooks

Random stuff , six days out from the 44th Marine Corps Marathon:

I put up some pretty good paces on the last week of my taper period, guesstimating an 11;30-ish pace. My strategy for the MCM is to basically stay with the 12 to 12:30 pack until I clear the last upward slope at Mile 8, then take off from there…if I have enough gas in the tank at that point. I am trying to prevent the burnout that I had last year, as well as have enough to see me to the Fourteenth Street Bridge just after Mile 17.

When I cross the bridge, I will probably do like I did at the National Capital 20-Miler: if I feel really worn out, just slow to a march, then march then I can pick up a “second wind” and start running again. After the bridge comes the crossing into downtown Rosslyn ( Miles 22 through 24), which will be the biggest celebration of the race. The crowds there are AWESOME, and they provide enough of an emotional boost to get the runners through the last four miles.

This week will be two short runs: the last Shangri-La run tomorrow morning (last turnaround at Flower of the Forest) and the Ceremonial (Marine PFT Course at NAS Patuxent River). The goal is to get in two more warm-up runs without sustaining any sort of nagging to sever injury that may impact me on Sunday.

I have started rounding up the gear I will need for Sunday, to include my running outfit. Whatever tech shirt I choose will be immediately retired after the race, hung up in my closet with this year’s MCM medal draped on the clothes hanger it will share.

What I would LOVE to see at the Brooks Runners’ Expo this year ( but I will probably overspend and buy a bunch of junk anyways):

A Dayglo-colored (neon yellow or hunter orange) mock turtleneck, similar in design and fabric to the mock turtleneck given to MCM runners with the MCM Bib “Swag Bag.”

Runner’s/performance shorts similar to the runner’s tights that I purchased last year; I like the tights because they don’t ride up my crothc so much when I run.

New pair of shoes for next year.

A couple of compression shirts, like the ones made by Athletic Wear that I purchased from a Wal-Mart in Rockford, IL so long ago.

I may have to take samples of the stuff I am looking for, so one of the sales reps from Brooks can better help me waste about $300 at the Expo next Friday.

Bears v. Saints

I’m going to guesstimate that I blew $75 on Uber roundtrip and food and beverage at Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday…all to sit through Saints 36, Bears 25.

My beloved bears are 3-3, and yet their 2019 season is doomed. Let me count the ways:

  1. The offensive line can’t block to save their lives
  2. Because of 1, the bears don’t have a running game.
  3. Neither Mitchell Trubisky, nor his backup Chase McDaniel, have any mobility/agility, no accuracy, no arm strength, no deep ball ability, no field vision
  4. The defensive line are pushovers
  5. Khalil Mack, the Bears’ star linebacker, can be double-teamed into oblivion
  6. Because of 4 and 5, the bears don’t have a pass runs
  7. Because of 6, the Bears’ secondary can be burned deep, or cut to shreds at medium range, or get beat when the opposing offense needs to move the chains

I braved the rain yesterday to see all of this in action. Yipes.

Song of the Day: Tim Curry/”Paradise Garage:” (WARNING: Possible repeat choice here!)

Tim Curry is the best rock star that never was. “Paradise,” was one of two songs, along with “I Do the Rock,” that were played as “rock videos” before the theater played The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is the longer album version from the same-titled album.

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