MCM 2019/T-Minus 7: Ritual

Detailing the last workouts of my taper period for the Marine Corps Marathon

Friday morning:

Up at 0430 for a 0500 run. Actually, up at 0420 so i can put my contacts in.

I realize that my dayglo long-sleeve shirts are all in the dirty clothes hamper. However, my cell phone is charged, so I can use my MapMyRun app.

0440: I get dressed in a white compression tech shirt, covered by one of my long-sleeved tees from the St. Mary’s City Turkey Trot. Long black running tights. FlipBlet to hold house key and smartphone.

0445-0455: Full stretch, then out the door.

0540. Back after the run. HWY-5 run. The full moon was out, and I was glad I brought the long sleeves and the small gloves this morning. Pace was 11:19 for three miles. Nagging throbbing in my upper left thigh. Not connected to a groin muscle. Put some IcyHot on it after the run.

Saturday morning:

0415: Up before the 0430 alarm, again to put in the contacts. I’m getting better at this, because now it’s taking me about 3~5 minutes.

0445: Dressed in Starter basketball warm-up pants and another long-sleeve tee. Listen to some YouTube because 97.7 the Bay is getting on my nerves.

0455: Out the door for the short walk to the Apex Clubhouse to work out in their small but adequate workout center. I stopped going to the workout center in the clubhouse I call “the Valley” because the flatscreen TVs were all burned out. That was way back in early march, I think. I did peek in the windows of the Valley on my last intervals run and found that the TVs have long since been fixed.

0500: On deck at the Apex and stretching. Nobody but me on this dark and chilly Saturday morning. Last gym workout before the MCM; even though I dropped the weights about a month ago, I still focus on good form and working for speed not weight. I am actually sweating as I wrap up the last set of abdominal crunches…but am I not supposed to be sweating?

0530. Workout is done. TVs are turned off and so are the lights to the “gym.” It will be nice to sleep in on Saturday mornings for a while.

Sunday morning:

Last long run of the taper, and the training cycle, before next Sunday’s MCM.

0355: Out of the rack and on with the contacts.

0400: I grab a Greek yogurt for breakfast…that just happens to be 11 days past it’s due date. I open it up: no mold and no fouls smells, so I eat it. No banana or peanut butter, because it will be a very short run, at most an hour and twenty minutes. No Nuun  or Mio water this morning either.

0420: Get dressed; compression shirt, long-sleeve dayglo tech shirt, which is actually a base layer shirt, tights, handball cap. No FlipBlet today because my tights have side pockets.

0425: Bathroom break; do it now because there are no  bathroom stops on the run. Check that- there is a Donut Connection bakery on upper Shangri-La Drive, but no sense waiting so long.

0445: Full stretch.

0455: Out the door to Green meadow Lane, where I will start the Superwillow 6 miler. Light drizzle but not the rain that the weather called for.

0615: The run is done. For the third time this week, I finish just short of the running distance. Not sure if it’s me or the GPS on the app. First mile clocked at 11:04, and I knew that wasn’t gonna last. Hit 12:06 and 12:17 at Miles 4 and 5. Also, extending out to the end of Shangri-La didn’t add enough distance for MapMyRun to count it as six full miles. Ended at 5.97 mi.

The “rain” was mostly a drizzle until it sort of picked up as I headed down Willow Road towards Abberly Crest on the homestretch of the run. My hopes for finishing the taper schedule with a full moon was dashed by the rain on the forecast; however, there was moonlight, and enough to make a difference. So, that happened.

I need to make sure I have my knee sleeves for MCM next Sunday. Also, I could probably ise some KT tape on my left thigh.

…and just like that, the work is done. Three more logbook entries after this: a short run on Tuesday, the Ceremonial on Thursday, and then the MCM next Sunday.

Song of the Day:  (WARNING: repeat entries past this point!)

Traffic/”Dear Mr. Fantasy:” Yup, this is a repeat entry. Got it here because this was the last song I heard on YouTube before heading to the Apex yesterday. Also, thank God for Post-it Notes so i can remember to write stuff down and stick it on my computer somewhere. Steve Winwood was a pretty busy musician before he was able to legally drink.

Last of the Mohicans OST/”Promontory:” Heard this one after the workout yesterday, and I just had to include it. This was included on one of my YouTube lists and it just hit me when I wasn’t looking. The video is actually a remix of two different versions of the song from the movie soundtrack, plus an ending piece thrown in. AS far as running goes, it’s a nice piece to set a temp to.

Tommy James and the Shondells/”Draggin’ the Line:” Nothin’ but a good ol’-fashioned feel good song from the Sixties…thanks Genius.

Bill Withers/”Lean on Me:” Genius says, “a Black Nationalism anthem and as an educational song for little children.” I say, a good cool down song for a Sunday morning.

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