MCM 2019/T-Minus 10: Interval

…aaand I’m heading into the final stretch of my training for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon. This morning was my last official interval workout of the training cycle. Nothing special about those final three 0.8 miles around the Abberly Crest parking lot, done under a cloud-ridden full moon. No final sprint up the hill, no closing kick…just a good steady stride toward the entrance to Morning Dew Lane Lane, then a slow walk back to the apartment to pick up my logbook and towel for the next-to-last circuit cycle for the year.

Got an extra dude, walking on a treadmill at the Apex Clubhouse gym this morning. The “regulars” are one young lady who runs the treadmill, and another gentleman working exercises in between bouts on the machines. I think he overdoes it on the lateral pulldowns because he always slams the weights when he pulls them up.

Yesterday, the GPS on my MapMyRun smartphone app went slow on me. Instead of sounding off at the usual one mile point on Shangri-La 3, it didn’t go off until I was almost up Shangri-La Drive, about a mile and a quarter into what should have been a three mile run. Even though i extended the run, the final mileage read 2.81 miles, and the split times were waaay off.

Today was my last workday before the MCM; I am taking leave all next week and through the Monday after the MCM. I usually take the day off after MCM so I do not have to try driving to work at 0600 after not-quite recovering from running 26.2 miles the day before. Then again, I know people who are trying to make a mad dash for the airport or doing long-distance driving about an hour or so after they finish the marathon. All due respect folks…that ain’t me, bruh. After finishing a marathon, I need to seriously stretch out and cool down, get a beer and celebrate, and just enjoy the post race atmosphere for a while. Also, when i get back to the hotel, I want to take some time to reflect on what I’ve just done. I can’t really do that if I’m trying to beat D.C traffic to Reagan National Airport (or, God forbid, Dulles Airport) on a Sunday afternoon.

So, Mondays I take the day off. I also want to spend an extra night in DC so I can get a celebratory dinner at Fogo de Chao, a wonderful Brazilian restaurant with a franchise in the District. I could d Fogo’s on Sunday night, but man, I would be just too tired.

Ten and a wakeup…almost there.

Note to self: gloves and tights for tomorrow and Sunday.

Song of the Day: David Bowie/”Sound and Vision:”

I just love that song; it just sounds so catchy and upbeat…right?

In David’s words (HT: Genius)..

“That was an ultimate retreat song; actually, the first thing that I wrote with Brian in mind when we were working at the Chateau. It was just the idea of getting out of America, that depressing era I was going through. I was going through dreadful times. It was wanting to be put in a little cold room with omnipotent blue on the walls and blinds on the windows.”

Commodores/Lionel Richie:”Easy”

“It is a slow break-up ballad of a man expressing his feelings after the relationship ends. Instead of feeling depressed about it, he feels a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders hence the line “I’m easy like Sunday morning”.(Genius)


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