MCM 2019/T-Minus 14: Moon

macOS Catalina has not been kind this weekend; I couldn’t load YouTube or WordPress until I restarted my computer this morning while eating my pre-run breakfast.

The Marine Corps Marathon website may say different, but the actual calendar says today marks fourteen days and a Sunday wake-up call before the MCM.

Now that the admin stuff is taken care of, here we go…


On Friday I learned that there was going to be the first night of the full moon for October. As I got on the road for the eight mile Great Mills run, there it was. Oh, there was also some cloud cover, but not enough to completely obscure the moonlight.

As I passed the Bay Montessori School and the Mile 1 point, MapMyRun announced an 11:15 pace. I was feeling good this morning, but could I keep up that pace for 8 miles, let alone 26 miles come two week’s time? I did have some slowdowns at the climbs at Mile 3 and Mile 5, but I managed an 11:27 pace over the eight miles. This, also despite a headwind that hit me on the last serious uphill between Mile and Mile 6.

Yes, it’s a relatively shorter distance, but it was nice to just go out there and open up the strides today. For me, a 1 hour, 30-ish pace after 8 miles is a good thing; however, there is the question of keeping such a pace for the entire marathon. This year, though, I have generally hit the wall around Miles 16 through 18, about a mile before the end of each run.

My plan this year is to stay with the 12:30 pace group for the first eight miles, then take off if I feel good enough. The first eight miles on the MCM course have a major hill at the bridge at Mile 2~3, then one more slight upslope around Mile 8. This morning’s trek through Great Mills Road had more rolling hills, and I ran this after being back on the bike for three days this week.

I should hear some good news from the doctor about my diabetes this week; however, I just got off the scale and… 223??? Guess no Dress Blues for the Marine Corps Ball this year.

So even though I may be heavier than my ideal “fighting weight,” I don’t have any major health issues for the MCM. I will stick with the plan for now so I can try to have enough where I’m not hitting the wall in Georgetown, just before hitting the Fourteenth Street Bridge.

Song of the Day: Extended Play Album version:

Eric Johnson/”Cliffs of Dover:” When I was stationed at Iwakuni, Japan, the local Armed Forces Network radio station would play this as bumper music between their morning and afternoon radio shows, about 2:00 p.m. local Japan time. That’s when you knew the work day was almost over. Because Marine Corps Air Station and all, I believe someone thought this would be a cool counterpoint to the “Top Gun Theme.”

Devo/”Whip It:” I wonder how many videos from MTV’s early days would cause an outrage today…like this one from Devo. From Genius:

“According to the band, “Whip It” was inspired by the poems in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Gravity’s Rainbow.

“Gravity’s Rainbow is a satirical novel that describes humanity’s evolution as often regressive and lacking self-awareness. This also ties into their band name “Devo” standing de-evolution. A satire into the idea that our society is regressing.

“As it relates to Whip It, Devo is satirizing America’s insistence on violence and our lack of individuality.” Oh yeah…this video would be banned by MTV for sure.

Dr. Dog/”My Old Ways:” Like so many of my SOTD picks I cannot recall how or when I discovered these songs. I get a little misty about this one because it’s mostly about a guy who wants to turn his life around. Also, this was a song for a “Fear the Walking Dead” trailer? Welladay…
Loverboy/”Working for the Weekend:” Heard this on 97.7 The Bay during run prep this morning. MTV played this song (and damn near everything off Loverboy’s album Get Lucky) on an almost regularly-scheduled basis. But then again, the band were that damn good. That’s all I got (thanks for nothing, Genius), but this is the extended version of the MTV video.
Prince/”Let’s Go Crazy:” From Prince, via Genius: “Let’s Go Crazy’ was about God and Satan. I had to change those words up—the de-elevator was Satan in that song.… And ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ was God to me…stay happy, stay focused, and you can beat the de-elevator.” I picked the special dance mix for this SOTD because it was closest to the version played in the movie Purple Rain. Also, I hate it when radio stations play the short versions of “Crazy” and “When Doves Cry;” it just drives me nuts because so much of what made the song good was cut out.
Free/”All Right Now:” Heard this song as I was chasing into sweatpants after the run this morning. From Genius:

“The band was known previously for “…slow and medium paced blues songs..” and after a show in Durham –

“…When we got into the dressing room, it was obvious that we needed an uptempo number, a rocker to close our shows. All of sudden, the Inspiration struck (bass player Andy) Fraser, and he started bopping around singing ALL RIGHT NOW.”

Also, the second-ever single to be released in stereo in Great Britain (the first was David Bowie/”Space Oddity”).





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