MCM 2019/T-Minus 15: Catalina

Taper, T-2:

The 0500 hour has been mostly dark and pretty windy this week. Still the work has been done. A short 3 on Wednesday and a good 4 this morning bracketed a good interval session and circuit cycle on Wednesday. The pace times are good and I’m sweaty but feeling little;e to no pain after the runs. Note to self: extend the Shangri-La 3 run up through Shangri-La north or Flower of the Woods Lane on Willows Road south, because I’ve been coming up short the last two times I’ve run the course.

I also have “regulars” joining me in the gym lately: a young woman who spend a half-hour on the treadmill, and a young dud who always wears some type of hoodie as he works through a combination of machines, free weights, and plyometrics.


So…Wednesday night I downloaded MacOS Catalina to my close to seven-year-old iMac. I apparently downloaded Catalina, then an upgrade to my Safari web browser, then Catalina again. As the iMac powered back up about 10:00 p.m., one last option was offered to me before Catalina went live. I made my choice…and then the iMac froze into a recursive loop. Powering down did nothing; the same screen kept popping back up again and again. On Thursday morning, between my intervals and the circuit cycle, I came back to the apartment and simply unplugged the damn thing. After logging my workout, I plugged my iMac back in, powered up…voila’.

On Thursday night, the apartment got chilly so I turned on the heater on my HVAC. After an hour of running, the thermostat was stuck at 71 degrees,,,and no heat. Turned the machine off, then back on…now the heater won’t power up.

An emergency phone call to the duty maintenance man got an answer…an hour later. he told me he had an hour drive to get to my apartment (at 11:00 p.m.), so I grudgingly agreed to wait until morning.

Allegedly, it’s fixed now.

Song of the Day: …aaand YouTube is being a bitch right now, so once again…no SOTD.

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