MCM 2019/T-Minus 18: Weeks

The Week Behind Us…

I had to do a Color Guard at the Blessing of the Fleet Parade in Colton’s Point, MD on Sunday, and no way was I going to march after running ten miles in the morning. So last week, I accelerated the run schedule by one day.

Two things I learned on the run attempt last Tuesday. First, my first run of the week is at least two days after a long run, so I can give my body time to recover. Second, when you run in such short notice after a long run…S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

My Thursday and Saturday runs went much better. Nothing world-beating, but no pulled muscles, strained or torn ligaments, or plantar/shin issues. I feel pretty good about myself going into the 44th Marine Corps Marathon.

The Week Ahead of Us…

So this is what we call Week Two of the taper, where the mileage and intensity of the runs and workouts is lessened to prepare for the MCM in less than three weeks time.

Where have I been? Well, with the run on Saturday instead of Sunday, I got an extra day to sleep in. Slept in Monday as well.

This morning was back at the gym at lighter weights. Apparently there are a couple of regulars joining me in the gym in the early mornings, one female and one male. Both of them younger than me. No older gentleman this morning. I guess I am not the only person using the gym this deep into the calendar.

Tomorrow, it’s Shangri-La 3 miles, then Friday it’s Ranieri 4. I am running eight miles on Sunday, just don’t know what route. Thinking about the Great Mills 8, which is the Sheetz run up HWY-5, then taking a right up HWY-234 up Great Mills Road and it’s rolling hills, then right on Shangri-La/Willow Road and the stretch home.

Outside has become cooler, especially the last few days. It has been overeats, but most of the rain has been in the dark of the night, so far. It feels like long sleeves and Brooks tights every morning from here on out. And no more sleeping in; not only does it get darker much sooner (7:00 p.m.-ish) but the traffic is heavier.

Song of the Day: The Guess Who/”No Time”

Okay, I was looking up Genius and I found an article that Apple’s next MacOS is officially killing off iTunes. Not that I’ve used it lately, or even my old iPod Shuffle, but…uh-oh.

Anyway, this song kind of sums up my life right now, pre-MCM. Running out of time to do everything.

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