MCM 2019/T-Minus 21: Drill

Not sure what happened with the GPS on MapMyRun this morning; the post-run map had me turning earlier than expected. I should have turned onto Cedar Point Road from Tate Road, but it looks like I just cut all the way across the property along the road. That probably made a difference in the mileage, and why why Mile 9 checkpoint was about a quarter mile later than it should have been.

But then I’m just nitpicking. Ten miles is ten miles, the workout is done, and I am in good health and good spirits. I finished at a 12:09 pace, which is not too bad considering the uphill climb from Cedar Point Road to Buse Road out of Gate 1 and going upMD-235 going back home. As I hit the slightly late Mile 9 checkpoint on MapMyRun, I considered lengthening the return leg up Great Mills Road to FDR Boulevard, then following that to Shangri-La and back onto Willow Road for the finish, but…nah.

MapMyRun worked as advertised. I took a few strides to stow the smartphone in my Flipbelt after starting the run tracker, and it did pause the workout when I went off course at Mile 5 to take a pee break at the base skeet range. After my No.1, I got back on the path to running and heard “workout resumed.”

Ah, technology.

So, the last double-digit run before the Marine Corps Marathon is in the books. I didn’t wear the knee sleeves this morning and my legs feel fine. No epsom salt bath today, just a  banana and some chocolate milk for the post run/pre=breakfast cool down. Also, the workout week is done a day early, so I get two days to sleep in-Sunday as well as Monday. Going marching in the Color Guard at the Blessing of the Fleet in Solomons, MD, and now I won’t have to do march and carry a full-sized flag or rifle for an unknown distance after a ten-mile run.

Yay! Three more weeks…

Song of the Day: Ennio Morricone/“Ecstasy of the Gold (Remix)”

WARNING! Possible repeat!

From the movie The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, this song is played as Eli (“Tuco”) Wallach makes his epic run around a Civil War graveyard, searching for the grave marker of Arch Stanton and the possible booty of stolen gold buried within. About fifty years later, this song appeared in commercials for Nike (the “Leave Nothing” ads embedded in the link) and Modelo beer, remixed with a drum beat and a guitar sample.

There is actually an album with the great composer’s best hits, all remixed.

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