MCM 2019/T-Minus 22: Weekend

I have been off-line this past week because of issues with my updated Safari web browser not being able to load WordPress (which hosts my blog), YouTube, or other sites. I did make my run to iStore yesterday morning and my intervals/circuit cycle this morning.

This weekend will be unique because my long run will be on Saturday instead of Sunday. Friday afternoon I am going to set up a booth for the Marine Corps League in Leonardtown, MD for First Friday. Tomorrow morning will be a 10-miler (course TBD) and then Sunday I will be in the MCL Color Guard for the Blessing of the Fleet. Because I am generally a lazy bastard after a long run, I don’t want to have to struggle to get ready for a long drive and then a march of unknown/undetermined length.

I am in good health for running (as long as I stretch first), no issues with the knees or the planters after this morning’s intervals. Its just a matter now of getting my roadwork in for the last three weeks. If I feel good, I may push the pace; on Marine Corps Marathon day, however,  my goal will be to stick with the 12:30 pacer for the first eight miles, then taking off as soon as the pace group hits the bottom of that last hill.

Building up my protein for tomorrow; I just polished off a tub of Greek yogurts lone banana (no peanut butter? sacrilege!) and 8 oz. of chocolate milk.

I never did buy another bucket of whey protein, and I am good with that.

Busy day today, and I don’t trust YouTube right now, so once again…no Song of the Day. I will make it up to y’all, I promise!

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