MCM 2019/T-Minus 29: Pick Up

0355: Oh, shoot…I need to try and charge my cell phone!

0405: Oh, shoot, I can’t find my phone!

(thirty minutes of backtracking, trying to figure out where the hell I may have left it)

(goes with trusty wristwatch that I’ve had since Iwakuni, Japan in 2007)

0435: Oh, shoot…my phone’s in the phone stand.

0440: Out the door with wristwatch.

Not much of the last quarter moon, but the run felt good. Weather wasn’t too chilly out, and no wind. I input the run on the MapMyRun app on my iMac and it calculated an 11:45 pace. Not bad.

Only bad thing about not taking my phone (AGAIN!!!) is that I didn’t get to check my MMR app for the uncommanded tracking pauses I’ve been having-that is, the app pauses my run-tracking without physically touching the “pause” button on the screen. I may have to check that on the run Sunday.

So: this weekend for the National Capitol 20-Miler:

Tonight: Hotel room, as close to the run site as possible.

Tomorrow: Pick up rental car at noon. Drive to Pick Up point and get run packet and stuff. Drive to hotel, then drive to the course for a quick recon.

Sunday: Reveille at 0500. Breakfast, dressed and out the door by 0545. At the course by 0600. Quick pre-run snack. Stretch from 0635 to 0655.


Song of the day: Robert Plant/”Burning Down One Side”

No big deal, Genius…only the first solo album from the lead singer of the legendary Led Zeppelin. Thanks for nothing. Other genres other than hip-hop, you know.

Oh, and Phil Collins (drummer/lead singer for Genesis) played drums on this track.


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