MCM 2019/T-Minus 30: Entered

Random thoughts, thirty days from the Marine Corps Marathon:

Did my three laps for intervals this morning. Upon hitting the gym for my circuit cycle, I saw the gym was half-populated from Tuesday morning. One of the young ladies from Tuesday was back, riding the noisiest elliptical I have ever heard. the other was the same elderly gent from Tuesday, occupying the chest press machine. Both of them left asi I was starting my second set of the circuit.

Officially entered in the National Capital 20-miler on Sunday. Looks like packet-pick up (for me) will be just before the start of race day on Sunday, unless I can figure out something Saturday.

When I filled out my expected finish time for the run, I put down 4 hours, 30 minutes. We’ll see. Just finish.

On the way home this afternoon, saw two guys running at 4;45 p.m., just after the heat of the day. The temperature has gone down, but not by that much.

Man, do I need to get a haircut.

Tomorrow’s run will be to Park Hall Road for six miles. The last time I ran this, my current issue with MapMyRun (uncommanded pausing of the workout tracking) started. Hoping this is something the latest update can fix?

Sorry, no Song of the Day…YouTube is acting up once again.

Ah, technology.

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