MCM 2019/T-Minus 31: Cut

A little bit chilly this morning, so the long-sleeve Day Glo will be standard issue from here on out…

Mile 1: 11:15 pace. Okay, usually the Wednesday runs are the slowest of the week, but I guess I was feeling it this morning, even though it was a bit nippy and only a last quarter moon out. How long can I keep this pace? Let’s see,

What should have been somewhere around Mile 3: “Total distance two miles; total pace…” WHAT?

A half hour and three more sweaty miles later, to include me dropping the phone at the corner of Shangri-La and Three Notch, trying to resume the MapMyRun app, I went to turn off the timing to finish the run. I found that MapMyRun had taken an uncommanded pause somewhere between the Mile 1 and Mile 2 markers; as a result, MMR cut a mile and a quarter from my run distance and about 24 minutes from my run time. I finished at a 14 minute pace which should have been no more than 12.

If this happens again on Friday, then it’s time for me to submit a customer service ticket to UnderArmour (sponsors of the app).

Chicago Cubs 2019:

Saw this on a friend’s Facebook post:

  1. Record in one-run games: 19-27
  2. Blown saves: 28 (only 28? with that bullpen?)
  3. Errors: 108 (most in the National League)
  4. Away games: 31-45
  5. Lead-off hitter production: .214 BA/.296 (OBP?)/.388 (SLG?) (I don’t do baseball analytics, and I don’t care)
  6. 2B (second basemen_ hitting: .222/.302/.387

Officially eliminated from playoff contention last night, and Manager Joe Maddon will probably not get a new contract next Monday.

Dairy Queen, Great Mills, MD

Me, after already ordering and paying for “dinner:” “Y’all don’t sell Orange Julius anymore?”

Girl at cashier: “Ummm…?”

Me: “Well, it’s not on the menu…and I haven’t been here in a long time…you don’t have Orange Julius?”

Girl” ‘Let me look…oh, wait, here it is…yes, we have it on orange and strawberry…”

Really? Nice way to advertise, DQ. What, is Orange Julius on a secret menu or something, now?

Song of the Day: Traffic/”Dear Mr. Fantasy:” From Genius:

“This song is about the role of a musician as entertainer, weaving fantastic scenarios for his audience, to take them away from their troubles.

“Off of their debut album, Mr. Fantasy.  (Steve) Winwood (vocals, keyboards) provides lead vocal. The song has been covered by many artists including the Crosby, Stills, and Nashversion here and Jimi Hendrix live performance here.”


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