MCM 2019/T-Minus 32: Apex

The workout facility at the Apex Clubhouse at Abberly Crest is not a full-sized, full fledged gym, like the World Gym that I once had a membership for. However, it has all the machines and dumbbells I require for my circuit cycle workout, so it fills the need. If I wanted to use the ellipticals, I would take the longer walk to the “Valley” facility, however.

Abberly Crest’s facilities do get used by the other tenants, though. I arrived for my workout just after 0500. Just as I started my chest press, two young women came in to use the treadmills. After finishing my second set of lat pulldowns, another young man entered the gym and started working the leg press machine. As I finished up my second set of leg curls an older gentleman, who is an infrequent patron of the “gym” came in and hit the chest press machine.

Five people in an apartment complex “gym” at 0500…in September.

Welladay, I guess physical fitness is still a thing.

Bears/Redskins: I expected CUSTOMER Appreciation Week kicking off with the annual pre Monday Night Football party. After seeing no one at the Apex Clubhouse at 1830 (6:30 p.m.) I went to the main office and read the sign as EMPLOYEE Appreciation Week. Selective dyslexia? Cataracts? Limited attention span and failure of deductive reasoning?

Oh well. There being no party and the accompanying spread of pizza, chicken wings, and beer, I had to rely on Uber Eats for dinner. I missed the first half of the bears vs. Redskins game, and wasted a rare opportunity to see Mitchell Trubisky in his potential TRUE form.

Quick aside: Go check out’s Monday Morning Quarterback article on all the young quarterbacks who stepped up their games this week. Long story short: Mitch Trubisky is a few miles behind the power curve on all of the signal callers mentioned in the article: he had 0 TDs, 2 INTs, and a sub-70 QB rating after two games, going into FedEx Field last night.

I got to the Apex and switched on the game just in time to see Trubs’ stat line: 20-23 with 230 yards and 3 TDs in the first half…nice! Has Mitch finally turned a corner?

I watched the third quarter and the answer was…not quite. Bears’ third quarter possessions: missed FG, Trubs throws an interception in the end zone, and punt. I figured that the Bears had put on their collective cruise control; Trubisky would finish with only 40 more passing yards, the bears would score only one more FG, and the redskins made two long drives. The Bears’ vaunted defense only came out to deny Washington the two=point conversions after their TDs.

It was 28-9 Chicago in the dying seconds of the third quarter, and I decided that I had seen all I needed to see. If the bears really were going to blow a 25 point halftime lead, I was not going to spend a midnight bedtime just to sit through it.

I give Trubs, bears coach Matt Nagy, and GM Ryan Pace-the dude who drafted Trubs with so many other better QBs available-two more NFL seasons before they all become permanently unemployed in the NFL.

More football than marathon training? Okay…

I guess tonight is the hight I attempt to sign up for the National capital 20-miler…that is, if they haven’t run out of the limited 300 spots by now.

I’m thinking this week and next week will be the last two weeks of the current workload on the circuit cycle.

Question of the Day on the MCM and 10K Page: How many of you are P90x grads? Do you still use it, and has it helped your marathon training? (Asking for a friend who bought the p90X CDs over 10 years ago and now they’re collecting dust…)

And tomorrow’s six miler will be: Superwillow 6, HWY-5 to Shangri-La (extended)

Song of the Day: Pixies/”Where is My Mind?” From Genius:

“Black Francis says that “Where Is My Mind?” was written during the time he was attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and was inspired by the experience of having a small fish chase him while he was snorkeling in the Caribbean.

That came from me snorkelling in the Caribbean and having this very small fish trying to chase me. I don’t know why – I don’t know too much about fish behaviour.

— Frank Black in SELECT, October 1997

The Genius entry also has a video explaining more about the song and how it became the exit music (closing credits) theme for the movie Fight Club.

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