MCM 2019/T-Minus 35: Eggs

Alarm went of at 0430 for my 0500 run. Putting in contacts took about five minutes. Then I found my smartphone dead, and not plugged in to get it charged…a recurring theme for my short runs this year. I could have taken my wrist-help pedometer or my trusty sport wristwatch that I purchased at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan twelve years ago. But no…”Screw it, I’ll go running this afternoon.”

So I decided to have a breakfast of Scotch Eggs instead.

Now, here’s the thing about Scotch eggs: they’re soft-boiled eggs wrapped/covered in ground sausage, then covered in flour, then egg wash, and a coating suitable for deep frying (in my case, tank breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper). Those soft boiled eggs have to be cooked just right. If you cook them too long, they’re hard-boiled eggs that don’t run when you gut into them after they’ve been cooked. If you don’t cook them long enough, they don’t peel right and you get a mushy, undercooked egg that easily breaks. That sort of egg is much more difficult to properly coat with the sausage, and coating it is much harder work than it should be.

My two eggs were undercooked, and it took me damn near fifteen minutes to struggle to wrap them in sausage, then coat them in flour/egg wash/panko. In a way, it was a metaphor for my training this year: struggling to finish the longer courses (that I have run before and finished!), getting out of bed on time, missing runs for good reasons (injuries) and bad (all-around laziness), lack of preparedness, the ongoing MapMyRun issues…you name it, it happened this year.

Still, I got the Scotch eggs prepared and I dunked them in the deep fryer…about an hour after I started boing them. I tossed in a couple of strips of bacon; I had planned on wrapping the Scotch eggs with a strip each, but the exercise of just getting the sausage on them was too taxing, and I was already starved. Five minutes later, they were a little more…crispy and darker than they should have been, but they were edible and i finished the both.

So…whatever happened with the eggs, I just worked my way through it and got the damned things and the fryer and had my breakfast. Wasn’t perfect, but it filled the need.

Today’s five miler to Las Patuxent River Gate 1 and back went off at 1746 (5:46 p.m.). I think i’ve figured out what the MMR app is doing; this iteration of MapMyRun is somewhat more motion sensitive to the runner. In theory, you should have the smartphone already strapped to your arm when you hit START. If you stop running for any length of time, MMR pauses the workout until you manually START it again. I think if I keep running when/if MMR pauses the run, it should “resume workout” if I keep moving or move faster. If I hear “workout resumed,” then I know I’m okay until I hear the mile split info…and I did hear the splits at miles three onward.

The traffic was not bad for a Saturday afternoon, unlike the after work traffic I usually face around 6~6:30 p.m. The weather was warm, being just after the heat of the day, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I ran at a reasonable pace; although my pace was about 12:50ish after climbing back from Gate 1, I did make up time and finished strong.

The only thing about today’s afternoon run, is that I still plan to get up at 0500 to run to Sheetz (8-miler) tomorrow. I am violating my twelve hour rule (no back-to-back workouts within 12 hours), so we’ll see what happens. On the face of it, it’s not like I have a Bears game to follow until Monday night.

Medium ribeye and velvet shells…yumm!

Song of the Day: twenty-one pilots/”Stressed Out:” I heard this song on the radio a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked…and that doesn’t happen with me for much popular music anymore. From Genius:

“The lyrics of “Stressed Out” are told in the first person, with the story being told by both the character Blurryface (a representation of Tyler’s insecurities) and an anxious Tyler feeling intense childhood nostalgia. The song is primarily about a wish to regain the innocence and carefree nature of childhood, before insecurities (i.e. Blurryface) existed.

“The music video features Josh Dun (drums) and Tyler Joseph (lead vocals, bass) riding big-wheels and hanging out in their childhood bedrooms, suggesting a state of crippling nostalgia and perhaps even arrested development.” Great video, also included their immediate family members as well. Respect.

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