MCM 2019/T-Minus 34: Twelve

So much for my “twelve hour rule.” Finished today’s Sheetz 8-miler with a 12:09 pace and just seconds below my best ever time for the course.

Before I started the run, I loaded the course and noted the Course Leader tab. When I ran this last July, I had a 1:37.13 time. I remembered that as I topped the last hill going past the Bay Montessori School and crossing the 7 mile mark. I hit my stride on the final mile, cruising the downhill and working the last two uphills as hard as I could.

So close.

It was nice to see the last quarter moon this morning, even though there was cloud cover. I overestimated how cold it was supposed to be, because I bought out my Day-Glo yellow long sleeve tech shirt and my brooks running tights. The weather was not that cold, and my shirt was dripping with sweat when i walked into the house after the run.

Forgetting/disregarding that I ran a somewhat fast five miler less than twelve hours ago, I took off at an 11:44 clip. I also confirmed my suspicions about the MapMyRun app being more sensitive to when you are running/moving or not. Given the rolling hills on Highway 5, I knew that I could not keep up that kind of pace, so I resolved to just run as hard as i was able to. Given the shortness of the run and the elevation changes during the four miles out and back, I put in a lot of hard work this early morning.

Now that I’ve got my “groove” back, I am planning on running the National Capital 20-miler sponsored by DC Runners next Sunday. The start time is two hours later than usual (0700 start when I usually run around 0500). The elevation for the run (10 miles out and back) is a bowl, which means a steady downhill going out, and about4~5 miles of progressive climbing to finish the day.

Note to self: it’s all about FINISHING.

PS: I forgot to drink my 20-oz bottle of Nuun before I took off this morning. Came back from the run and it was sitting on the counter.

Song of the Day: fun./”We Are Young:” There is something about the song and the official video that strikes a chord deep within me. Especially the video: the slow-motion “bar brawl.” And then there’s Janelle Monae…and this is the only song that I will listen to including her. A qy=uick search of YouTube uncovers the source of the car commercial from which I first heard this song: a Chevy Sonic being put through a bunch of stunt routines, none of which actual drivers will ever actually do in their cars. Between the Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic and the cover on the TV show Glee, “We Are Young” was lifted to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks in March-April 2012.

“Lyrically, the song describes a wild night out and the necessity for good friends to be there for you – even at your worst and completely drunk. (HT: Genius)”

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