MCM 2019/T-Minus 40: Lookback

This morning’s drive from Rockville back to Lexington Park for work sucked. I left a half hour late, and in that time I could have gotten a quick breakfast and coffee. When I tried to pull over and call in for my 0800 meeting, my phone dropped the call a half dozen times without connecting. This was with five full bars and on a Sprint network (LTE, as I was told). By the time I was finally patched through the meeting was over. I got to work over an hour late and had to park on the roof of the parking garage,

In fits and starts yesterday, between the two NFL games and two MLS games I watched, and sometimes during the drive this morning, I thought about what might have been on yesterday’s run on the Carl Henn Millennium Trail. The run should never have been about setting a good pace or negative splits; it should have been about accepting a challenge. It should have been about building character.

It should have been about simply finishing.

Pace, speed, splits, lap times, all that be damned. It should have been about simply finishing the run standing up.

The weather was a little humid in the first half-hour of the run, but as the sun rose the day actually became cooler. There was a full moon for the first hour that I was on the course. I guess I hydrated well because I had to empty my bladder three times within the first four miles.

The smartphone was an issue once again. I had a hiccup of a start when my MapMyRun app sounded “workout paused”/”workout resumed” during the first few steps of my run. It was an all-day thing as well. Every time I paused, I had to run that much further. By the five mile mark on the second lap, the MMR sounded off the mileage and split times about 100 yards from the actual mile marker. My phone and my running shorts were dry at the start, and as I sweated, the problem became an issue. It didn’t help that I pulled out my phone once in a while to make sure that MMR was still tracking my run.

All that aside, it was a really good day to just run. Like I said, it should have never been about the time; there was no way I was getting a sub-12 split from that course. It should have been about completing the two laps standing up and finishing. Of course, now I’m just realizing this about six weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon.

Song of the Day:The Cars/”Since You’re Gone” This was the second single from the Cars’ album Shake It Up. Everybody’s been playing Cars songs on the radio since the news broke over lead vocalist Ric Ocasek’s passing early this morning. The Cars made plenty of  damn good music before and after this song, but I felt this was the most poignant.

Eddie Money/”Two Tickets to Paradise:”…sadly the gentleman born as Eddie Mahoney seems to have had a spare one for Ric, as both singers passed away this weekend. My favorite Eddie Money song was “Shakin’.” and yes, the video helped with that choice.

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