MCM 2019/T-Minus 39: Roxette

Taking a break from the circuit cycle today. Slept in this morning, and I’m going shopping after this blog post.

My train of thought was “something something Scandinavian rock,” then something something Roxette,: and then it was like, “Hey I know four songs from Roxette, and I didn’t totally hate them, so I’ll do a Song of the Day post for the blog tonight.”

And so, as I take a brief respite from training, I present the Swedish pop duo Roxette for tonight’s Song of the Day quartet:

The Look:Okay the gent is Per Gessle on guitars and vocals, and the blonde with the funky hairdo is Marie Fredrikkson on vocals and keyboards, though I guess she can play guitar as the video suggests. Per and Marie were established artists in their native Sweden, and Marie once sang with Per’s band Gyllene Tider. Long story short, Per was working on a slow career after the demise of Gyllene Tilder’s attempt at a US tour, and Marie had sone some solo albums as well as some time backing per, when the manager of EMI suggested they record a song together. Although the song was successful only in Sweden, the duo only went up from there.

It Must Have Been Love: This song was originally recorded as a Christmas song, and after a bit of back and forth with the producers of the movie Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts/Richard here) and a quick editing of Christmas from the lyrics, it became a Number One hit in the US. Marie really does let go in this song, and kudos to her if she was overdubbed for the backing vocals as well.

Listen to Your Heart: Is this an actual concert or was it staged for the video? God only knows, but I think Per gets a little too footloose onstage, considering he’s not even the lead guitarist on this song (or at least the video). Per stated that he always preferred songs where Marie took the lead, and he can rightfully point to this one as Exhibit A.

Dangerous: Still a fun song, although not a No.1 like the other three (and “Joyride” was the fourth US No. 1 for Per and Marie). Whether you’d want ro run to it is up to you, but it’s still a pop song in a good way.

Roxette are still recording albums and touring to this day, after 33 years. 75 million records sold and four No. 1 hits in the US. They probably still have a fifth column of fans worldwide…nice work if you can get it.

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