MCM 2019/T-Minus 43: Dinner

I am typing this way later than I should have, so I will have to make this quick (and interesting to boot).

I think the first time I ran out to Zion United Methodist Church was for breaking in my newly arrived pair of asics GT-1007 running shoes…the Wednesday morning  before the Marine Corps Marathon. I remember the 0500 darkness being colder than expected for late October, but I was like “Ehh…it’s okay. I’ll probably warm up during the run.” I never did warm up, and I was not quite frostbitten but feeling like it, especially in the underwear regions.

This morning six mile loop to Zion and back was just as dark, thanks to the cloud cover lingering from the showers from the previous night. It was also somewhat warmer; when I came back, my hunter’s orange tech short was soaked with sweat. However, I did get a good, fast run in this morning, getting negative splits on four of my last five miles.

Last night on Facebook, there was a thread on the MCM &10K Runners Page about socks. The most popular brand out there was called Belega. I made an inquiry about this today, mentioning that I had several pairs of Hanes ankle-length sports socks. Many of my Hanes were about 15 ~20 years old, and I had only discovered blisters only once since 2014. I got one reply: ” You have old socks that are good; why spend the extra money? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I got back from Longhorn Steakhouse about 45 minutes ago, getting a substantive upgrade to the recent dinners of the last few weeks. I got an Outlaw bone-in ribeye (medium well when it should have been medium), grilled corn on the cob, a leaf of iceberg lettuce (WTF happened to the big wedges of icebergs?), and a bowl of French Onion soup covered with a layer of cheese. Got my dinner on, and judging by my takeout box, breakfast will be upgraded tomorrow morning.

I joined two more runner’s groups on Facebook this afternoon: Chesapeake Bay Runner’s Club and DC Runners. I joined with the hope of joining at least one group on a long Saturday or Sunday run within the next two weeks. We’ll see.

So much left to do for tomorrow: reserve hotel room in Rockville, MD, pack, get ice for two coolers for company picnic, head for Rockville as soon as the picnic is over, buy bananas for the weekend.

Oh, and I need to get red Solo cups.

Song of the Day: Toby Keith/”Red Solo Cup:” The best selling song ever done as a total joke or gag. And that’s all I’ve got. Talk to you tomorrow.

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