MCM 2019/T-Minus 45: Woe

Random thoughts two and a half hours after my stroll to Park Hill:

Got a look at my MCM Training calendar today, and got a sobering sight: since July I have missed half of my Wednesday workouts. That’s not a good thing, since I need to get back in the saddle after no more than two days off the road (Monday recovery and Tuesday gym day). That could probably explain why I have suffered so much near the end of my last few long runs.

I could also use a better diet in the Friday and Saturday nights before the Sunday run. I remember eating a 12-oz New York Strip and grilled vegetables the night before the run up MacArthur Bike Path. I need solid dinners, not just a large pepperoni and sausage pizza with 20-oz Pepsi and calling it good.

My smartphone was a lot more sensitive than normal this evening. First, MapMyRun did NOT have any of my preset courses loaded into my smartphone memory. Second, the faceplate sensitivity issue: somehow, the MapMyRun app kept pausing and unpausing my workout tracking. I had to unpause it a couple of times during the run, as if I wasn’t going slow enough already. When I heard “workout paused” again, just after heading up the hill towards HWY-5 North, I decided to unpause it just after the three mile turn around at Park Hill Road. No joy; when I took out my phone at Park Hill, the pause had stayed exactly the point it was paused at. The mileage hadn’t advanced and neither had the pace.

Somehow, I also managed to turn on the smartphone’s flashlight during the run, and almost never figured how to turn it off (and save my battery!).

Looks like fall is here, equinox or not. It was already sunset as I headed down HWY-5 towards Willow Road and the steep climb back home. No more 8:00 sunsets, I guess. Hopefully it will be cooler in the evenings because it was a little warm tonight. Hopefully I can get my ass out of bed on Wednesdays from now on. Aside from the need for mileage, not sure I want to run in the evenings when traffic is heavier than the pre-dawn darkness of 0500.

This running is feeling too much like a business, I hope I can find a good spark real soon.

Okay, it’s a yogurt and a banana and off to bed.

Song of the Day: Black Angels/”Young Men Dead:”

For lack of a better idea (and no help from Genius or Wikipedia), it’a song about soldiers fighting a war. It may be an older man urging the younger troops to fight, or a veteran Sergeant getting his Marines/soldiers ready to go to battle.

“Fire for the hills, pick up your feet and let’s go
Head for the hills, pick up steel on your way
And when you find a piece of them in your sight
Fire at will, don’t you waste no time”

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