MCM 2019/T-Minus 47,46: Recap

Week In Review:

One of those ever-lingering doubts I have in the back in my mind: “Did that off-day cost me in terms of my Sunday long run being below standard?” I don’t know; I know I was slowing down after the uphill climbs on the three miles between Cedar Point/Cuddihy Road/ Gate 1 and Three Notch Road south heading towards the end. Probably taking that power walk coming onto Willow Road near the end? I also had a rented car most of last week, which took me off my bike for a while until Saturday, the day before the run, so I should have had some respite.

It shouldn’t necessarily the Tailwind that I’ve been using, instead of the Mio water, the last two weeks. Or maybe it’s my diet the Friday and Saturday before Sunday’s long run. Whatever it is, I need to figure out something fast, because the longs won’t get any shorter or easier this month. This weekend is my trip to Rockville, MD to run two laps of the Carl Henn Millennium Trail, which is 10.5 miles of rolling hill madness. I finished standing up after four and a half hours of drizzle, but ended up with a blister on my right foot.

So, after Monday’s day off, I went back to the gym this morning. I had the routine and the weights down cold, so I didn’t even bring my logbook. Gulped down a frosh (not overripe) banana and the last of the chocolate mile, and I was all good.

P.S. : Let the record show that when “Morning Colors” was sounded aboard Naval Air Station Patuxent River at 0800 Sunday morning, I stopped running, faced in the direction of the United States Flag, took my ball cap off and put it over my heart, and proceeded to render full honors during the playing of the National Anthem. Only after the last note of “Carry On” was played did I turn around and resume my climb up Cedar Point Road.


I have two pimples/blackheads/zits right next to each other, just below my temple near my right eye. Oh, and Stridex pads have an expiration date.

My right contact isn’t sitting right.

The rash on my left arm is slowly healing.

My right shoulder isn’t an issue but a question mark.

I lost a pound last week…down to 213???

Knees feel okay.

My back…I think I need to get up more.

Toenails are functionally okay, if not very pretty.

No plantar issues.

Week ahead:

Two more six milers before the big Sunday run: Park Hall tomorrow morning and Zion on Friday morning. The weights on my circuit course: train kept a rollin’.

Song of the Day: Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, et. al: Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra:

The actual “orchestra” was the name of a loosely-formed but still made some albums group formed with members of four prominent 60s/70s San Francisco bands, like the Grateful Dead and Kantner and Slick’s own Jefferson Starship. Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Quicksilver Messenger Service rounded out the group.

Kantner recorded this song in 1983, with Grace Slick backing him up on vocals. “PERRO” was more of a solo effort than an actual band (actually his last solo album);” the song was actually a tribute to the times that the group had spent recording and working together in the studio.

Paul Kantner’s split from Jefferson Starship is fit for a Rolling Stone article and not a runner’s blog, but I have to say: when I heard “We Built This City” this morning as I was getting ready for the gym, I immediately thought of this song and thought “Now that’s what Paul Kantner would have wanted Starship to be.”


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