MCM 2019/T-Minus 48: Grand Tour

Interesting opening five miles to this morning’s twenty miler aboard Naval Air Station Patuxent River:

Mile 1: Good pace (12:35)

Mile 2: Too fast (11: 22)

Mile 3: Narrowly averted disaster when I found my “missing” ID card a few steps behind me; it fell out while I was prepping to show it to the gate guard as I prepared to go through Gate 1.

Mile 4: Gotta GO, gotta GO gotta GO…to the bathroom, specifically the Port-A-John at the skeet range at Mile 5.

Mile 5: I went. Almost couldn’t find it through the morning fog. The detour for the number 2 added to my 15:33 split time.

Miles 6 through 13 went almost as I planned, getting 11:00 to 11:30 split times, although I never really got the negative splits I was hoping for. I needed to push through Miles 14 through 16 because these were the uphill climbs up Cedar Point Road up to Gate 2 and onto Cuddihy Road, and then the last uphill climb back out of Gate 1.

After the climb and the subsequent pee break at the Shell gas station at the intersection of Three Notch and Base Road I found one more burst of speed going on the downslope of Three Notch. I kind of lost it as the downslope climbed back up. I did make the turn at Lei Drive, then the loop around Tulagi Place on South Coral Drive, and back onto Great Mills, then onto Willow Road for the homestretch.

Had to power walk half and shuffle half of the homestretch up Willow Road, then Mile 19 was announced a lot later than it should have been. My guess is that MapMyRun counts your actual mileage on the run by the steps that you take. I think because I slowed up so much coming up Three Notch, and then power walking the start of Willow road, I lost about 2/3 of my last mile. That being said, I did finish the run on an “okay” trot and was still standing at the end.

In retrospect, the first ten miles of the Pax Grand Tour was damn near all downhill. I was tempted early on to push the pace as much as I could, then hang on for dear life for the subsequent uphills on Cedar Point Road, uphill out of Gate 1, and then the back half of Three Notch heading towards the end.

That being said,I am feeling much better than last week. The knee sleeves were a boon this morning, and I have no issues with my lower back or anything else. I am trying to keep drinking water to stave of the cramps in my toes. I am half-tempted right now to order iHop from Uber Eats, but that’s trading expense for convenience. Time to get coffee and brunch on…

Song of the Day: Tears for Fears/”Everybody Wants to Rule the World:” Another good song with a driving rhythm. I saw an MYV interview with guitarist Roland Orazabal and bassist Curt Smith where they believed the song was “good for making long drives,” which inspired the video. The guys were not early adopters of what would be their biggest chart-topping song:

“Roland Orzabal said:

The shuffle beat was alien to our normal way of doing things. It was jolly rather than square and rigid in the manner of ‘Shout’, but it continued the process of becoming more extrovert.

“As well as an atypical shuffle beat, the instrumentation of this song is interesting. Although it mainly uses the chords of A and G, it heavily incorporates the sixth into these chords, meaning there’s a droning E note throughout most of the tune.

“This is a melodic device not far removed from traditional Indian music, and it’s first use in pop music can be traced back to the Raga-inspired music of George Harrison and The Rolling Stones. (HT: Genius)

Olivia Newton John/”Magic:” I first discovered this track as bumper music for when WEEK-TV in Peoria, IL would advertise their telecasts of Bradley basketball games. The lovely Olivia was backed by Electric Light Orchestra (sorry, NOT the band in the video) on the soundtrack for the movie Xanadu.The melody stuck with me for years, and long story short i was able to track the song down on Rhapsody (remember that?). This song is more inspire you to get out of bed and run more than part of any runner’s playlist.

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