MCM 2019/T-Minus 49: Sloth

Another early Saturday morning at the Apex Clubhouse workout room in the books, a new 22′ Wax-Mart brand (Onn) computer monitor at home, and a nice breakfast at Linda’s cafe.

Right now, I should be using that monitor to work on a project for work, while simultaneously eating my somewhat overripe bananas and yogurt and drinking 32-oz cups filled with 20-oz bottles of water mixed with Mio, while attempting to watch college football. I should also be already staged for tomorrow’s NAS Pax Grand Tour 20.

But I’m sitting here, downing afternoon coffee and procrastinating. Blogging, too, I guess. Bit at least I have a Song of the Day today, courtesy of Daryl Hall and John Oates.

After my breakfast at Linda’s I took a quick bike ride to Lei Drive, where I will be running to after I exit NAS Patuxent River Gate 1 . I will turn left on Three Notch Road/MD-235 south, but instead of making the turn onto Great Mills Road/MD-234, I will pass the 235/234 intersection and stay on 235 until I get to Lei Drive, then follow it on a short loop around Tulagi Plaza, then a left onto Great Mills and the home stretch. Hopefully I will be in a better condition to finish than I was last week.

Also need to remember to have my ID to get onto base tomorrow, otherwise I will have to improvise that 20 miles.

The week-long threat of rain has finally passed, and tomorrow calls for a mostly sunny Sunday. It will be a breezy 73 degrees by the time I finish up at 1000 tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Daryl Hall and John Oates/”You Make My Dreams Come True:” First, I could totally run to this song.  The piano groove sets the tone, and the rhythm section jumps in and all of a sudden you’ve got a good tempo and a beat you can move too. Second, this was Promotional Clip 101, before “making videos” became an art form. Anyway, the clip is just Daryl  (the blond keyboardist) and John (guitarist with the ‘stache) and the band doing what they do and having fun. Aside from people asking them “Which one of you is Holland Oates?,” the duo HATED making videos for MTV in the mid-to-late 80s.

Daryl and John were a pretty big deal back in the day, with this song coming of their NINTH studio album back in 1980. From John Oates:

“Daryl had this great piano groove that you hear when you hear the record. It’s really the heart and soul of that record. It had this positive, upbeat type of feel to it. It was a very simple idea saying you make my dreams come true. We were kind of laughing saying that this was too simple to be anything.

“When we wrote the words, we were really concentrating on writing some interesting words because the chorus was so simple. We thought the verses needed to have some meat and potatoes to support the simplicity of that chorus. I remember our manager at the time when we played the song for him; he was making a joke about the words in the verses. He said, ‘You guys are trying to sound like poets.’ He was laughing at us because he didn’t get it. After all these years, that’s probably the song that gets the most play out of almost any song we’ve ever done.”

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