MCM 2019/T-Minus 50: Rain

No hurricane here in southern Maryland, but dark clouds for days. Weatherbug said that there might be rain about 0400~0600 this morning, but the heavens never really opened up ’til about 1500 (3:00 p.m.) this afternoon. I am hoping for a dry Sunday morning, but not banking on it. Gonna be all kinds of dark, moon or no moon.

Superwillow 6 this morning was good…not great. Good in that my back wasn’t hurting and I didn’t quite need the knee sleeves this morning. Good in that I actually followed my tactic of keeping the pace slow and steady for at least the first two miles. Not great in that my middle miles heading towards Shangri-La Drive were in the 11:50 range instead of being below 11:30. Granted there is a gradual uphill, but it wasn’t that steep and maybe I should have pushed it more than I did.

Still, it was good to get out of the rack early and get the run in before the workday. Two days of Icy Hot pads on the lower back seems to have done the trick. Still going to rock the knee sleeves this Sunday.

This week’s long run is the Naval Air Station Grand Tour 20-miler. Regular run to NAS Pax River Gate 1, except that I’m running through Gate 1 instead of turning around, then running through Base Road and turning left onto Cedar Point Road. Turning right onto the driveway to Drill Hall is the four mile mark (first Tailwind/GU break). Five mile point has a conveniently located Port-A-John.

Going onto Drill Hall road takes you onto the NAS Ten Mile Loop. Reaching the Test Pilot School is the half-marathon mark, and just follow the road past Drill Hall and up Cedar Point Road to Gate 2, turning onto Cuddihy Road. At Cuddihy and Buse is the 16 mile point and the last Tailwind/GU break, before going uphill out Gate 1. The big thing for me to remember is not to turn onto Great Mills Road for the turn home, but to follow Three Notch to Lei Drive and the loop around Tulagi Place before going back onto Great Mills and the home stretch. In my agony or just having my head up my ass, somehow I’ll forget that little detail on Sunday.

Song of the Day: Honestly, the music has been awful since the bears game last night, but I did find two bright spots today:

Dire Straits/”Walk of Life:” Lead vocalist/lead guitarist Mark Knoplfler’s licks and solos usually carry the Straits’ tunes, but the keyboards by Guy Fletcher provide the happy “pied piper” melody guiding this song. The lyrics tell the tale of a street performer who strums out oldies on his guitar (Knopfler in another life?) and makes okay money, but not really good money (HT: Genius). “Walk” was originally a B-side to “So Far Away,” the first single from the Brothers in Arms album, but after being popular enough to reach #7 in the US Billboard chart, it got re-released as a single. Glad to hear this one as I got out of bed this morning.

Van Halen/”Jump:” I was shocked as anybody in the early eighties when it was announced that lead singer David Lee Roth had split from Val Halen, and did NOT leave on good terms. You see videos like this and other songs off their 1984 album and think everyone’s having fun, and then you see MTV Music News and you see Eddie and Alex Van Halen ripping on David for his work ethic and behavior.

Maybe they should have taken the brown M&Ms after all.

Holy cow, Genius is on point today:

“At first, the rest of the band was reluctant to include the song because of its heavy use of synths and lack of prominent guitar. But after Eddie got producer Ted Templeton on board, the rest of the band softened up. The original inspiration for the lyrics came from David Lee Roth watching a person on TV who was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off of a building and Roth figured someone in the crowd must be thinking, “Go ahead and jump”. It was, however, not written about suicide – the song is about ‘jumping’ on the opportunity to hook up with someone.” An inspired find on my radio after damn near eighteen hours of WTF from the Bears’ “game” and everything else on the radio today.

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