Kickoff 2019: Ale House

Free-form association before I succumb to beer-induced sleep for a 0400 wakeup call:

I just got home from the Pax River Ale House. I went there to watch the Chicago bears host the Green Bay Packers in the Opening Game of the 2019 National Football League season.

The dinner was outstanding: Berlin Platter with pork ribeye, one link of German sausage, a smokehouse slice of candied bacon, and sides of mashed potatoes with gravy and sauerkraut. All of it I washed down with a delicious Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest lager.

The game was a lot of good defense by both teams, one scoring drive led by Packers QB Aaron (Discount Doublecheck!) Rogers, and the Bears new place kicker making a field goal.

The bad? The Ale House has plenty of widescreen TVs, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sports bar; it’s more like a very good bar and grill, to be honest. The barmaid who served me struggled to find the Bears-Packers game. Also, the Ale House isn’t such a destination for Thursday football, unless it’s either the Washington Redskins or the Baltimore Ravens, so the place was sparsely populated.

Worst of all was the music. This was the satellite radio setlist I heard during the game: Rupert Jones/”Escape/The Pina Colada Song”. Styx/”Come Sail Away.” Wham!/”Careless Whispers.” Supertramp/”Take a Look at My Girlfriend.” And no, none of the staff were allowed to change the station, so it was NFL Football accompanied by 70s light rock.

To top it off, the Ale House closes at 10:00 on Thursday nights, NFL or not. This meant I settled my tab and headed for home just after the second half kickoff. Green Bay 7, Chicago 3. I thought about heading up the street to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I had a beer and a half in me, and the law enforcement presence is substantial, so I decided to call it a night.

This morning’s 0445 workout went well. After taking off the last two days to take care of back spasms, I took it easy on the three interval laps, and sweated through a full circuit cycle workout. Before i took off for work this morning, I put an Icy Hot patch on my back, and rubbed some Icy hot lotion around my right knee. Not going to push it too far for tomorrow’s run (Superwillow 6, HWY-5 to the end of Shangri-La) and I’m hoping for a good 20 miles with as few medical problems as possible.

It’s also calling for rain sometime tomorrow.

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