MCM 2019/T-Minus 54: Rest

It’s Labor Day today, and I am taking a day off from work as well as from training.

My feet were very sore after yesterday’s run; it was more than a few hours (nightfall, I think) before I could walk normally without having shoes on. I got an epsom salt bath that healed up my sore legs. Still, I think I am going to run with the Copper Fit knee sleeves on the Sunday long runs.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that my longer runs will be more difficult than the Marine Corps Marathon itself. The Little Flower course had way more ups and downs over the back half of the run. If I decide to run the Carl Henn Millennium Trail within the next two weeks, that’s 10.5 miles of rolling hills throughout the course, and I usually like doing two laps. 4.5 of the last six miles of the Indian head Rail Trail going back to Indian head is a gradual uphill slope that almost never seems to end.

I am contemplating doing either a half marathon, a full marathon, or both the last two weeks of September. My options (my God! the choices!)

  1. National Capital 20 miler: The words “first-time trail race!”, “flat, straight, and fast!”, and “open to only 300 participants” are scaring me. Race is Sept. 29, but I want to do it, I have to sign up this week…like ASAP.
  2. Charm City 20 miler: Sept. 22. Hard packed dirt surface. Course map shows plenty of bathroom stops. Tempting. Also limited spaces (350 runners) and additional $10 fee if you need to take a bus to the start line.
  3. C&O Canal Tow Path Marathon: Sept. 29/ Four laps of a section of the C&O Towpath. Might have to think about this one.

There are other options, but I have to look at them and make my choices this week.

Health: Right shoulder is kind of tweaked; not that serious, but sometimes it hurts when I extend it. Calamine spray has helped with the rash on my left arm. My knees have recovered from yesterday’s run, but I’m running with the sleeves on the long runs from here on out. My mysterious right thigh muscles hans’t given me any problems lately, and the same with my knee muscles. No feet problems either.

Last week was a good week for running, but Sunday’s course was just too tough to pull my strategy. This week, it’s Superwillow 6 (HWY-5 to Shangri-La extended) and Park Hall 6 before the Pax River 20 on Sunday. Abberly Crest through Gate 1 to the Drill Hall roadway = four miles. Ten mile loop around Pax River, through Cedar Point Road up to Gate 2; Cedar Point Road from Drill Hall roadway will be all uphill and upward slope. Just before Gate 2, take Cuddihy Road all the way to the stoplight at Cuddihy and Buse Road, then take a left. The 25 MPH sign will mark Mile 16, then out Gate 1 and the road back home. Need to check those last four miles on MapMyRun, though, there’s an extra road or turn somewhere before heading back down Willow Road to the end.

Song of the Day: Tangerine Dream/”Betrayal”. When director William Friedkin made the movie Sorcerer, he built the film around the soundtrack by the keyboard instrumentalist group Tangerine Dream. The scene before the end (see near the end of the video) is how I usually feel after 18+ mile runs.

Elton John/”I’m Still Standing:” Because radio station 97.7 the Bay held “Rocket Man Weekend” in honor of Elton John. Also the first video he made specifically for MTV…or maybe more like the first EJ video I saw on MTV. From video director Russel Mulcahy:

“Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ was super, super, super gay. There was no holding back. We shot in Nice, in the south of France. My costume designer was in charge of body-painting all the boys. We had leather boys, and mimes, and kissing clowns. Bruno Tonioli, who’s a judge of Dancing with the Stars, was one of our dancers. I think he played one of the traffic policemen dressed in leg warmers and a leotard.”

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