MCM 2019/T-Minus 55: Flower

First off, I got done running about 0915 this morning. It is 1230, I am waaay tired and hungry as hell, so this will be short…and no Song of the Day today.

Reveille at 0345, and then I spent a half hour in the throne room, then fifteen more minutes putting in my contacts. Breakfast (yogurt, banana w/peanut butter) and full stretching did get done. Lubed, dressed, fed and stretched, then out the door at 0457.

Basics: Today’s 18 miler to Little Flower School went through northern Willow Road, a short right up Great Mills Road, onto Three Notch Road/MD-235 all the way to Chancellor’s Run Road, then Chancellor’s to Great Mills Road to HWY-5, then a quick climb up 5 south up to Little Flower School. One trip around the parking lot ( Mile 9 on the nose!), then back down the 5 and back the way I came.

My hopes for negative splits on the back two-thirds of the course were kinda shot when I realized how many hills I would have to climb on the way back, starting from HWY-5 going back up Great Mills Road. My splits were fair (about a 12:25 average) from LFS back toThree Notch, and I did have a good downgrade at the start of Mile 15. Unfortunately, I had to work a lot of grades on the way home.

About a mile from home, my knees were simply not feeling it, so I had to power walk for a quarter mile, before catching one more downslope on Willows and finishing the run.

The 0.8 mile “track” that I plotted around the Abberly Crest parking lots made a nice cool down walk, so I walked the cool down. Got my post-run chocolate milk and epsom salt bath, and a quick (?) nap.

Tailwind, vice Mio? “Nice…nice. Not thrilling, but nice.” Sitz bath, but no treasure bath.

I am wearing the Copper fit knee sleeves on Sunday long runs from here on out. Mos def.

I am too tired to cook today, so I am going out to eat brunch…on the Sunday before Labor day. Will I eat before 5:00 this afternoon? We’ll see.

Talk to y’all tomorrow.

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