MCM 2019/T-Minus 56: Fuel

My circuit cycle workout was done about 40 minutes later than usual, but it got done. Got up with the 0430 alarm, and my five minute nap went 22 minutes. Workout, blood glucose reading, breakfast, dishes, Saturday morning nap. Now I’m blogging while getting my mid-morning snack of banana and Belvita (second) breakfast “biscuits” with Mio water. Betting my hydration and potassium intake for tomorrow’s run.

What’s on the agenda for today? A trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods, some recycling, some grocery shopping, and prep for tomorrow morning. I am going to see if Dick’s has some decent performance running shorts I can pick up; I need to replace about three to four pair of my running shorts. I also want to get maybe one or two compression shirts like my fifteen year old Athletic Works shirts that I bought from Wal-Mart a long time ago.

I know college football really starts this weekend, but I really don’t have a dog in the fight, because the state of Illinois is just as irrelevant in college football as it is in college basketball. There’s soccer on TV, thanks to Fox Sports 1 (German Bundesliga) and NBC Sports (English Premier League), but nothing on the schedule says MUST WATCH ME!!!

Song of the Day: Beastie Boys/”Sabotage:”

Okay, Genius doesn’t support any other forms of music than hip-hop and now the site’s on the fritz. Anyway, the Beasties were a punk trio before they dropped “License to Ill” back in 1985 (OMFG I am so old) with MCA on bass, King AdRock on guitar, Mike D on drums. “Sabotage” was off their Ill Communication album, which was one of the best musical science experiments of all time, and it was a nod of their collective heads to their punk roots. Aside from the video paying a tribute to 70s cop shows, the song has a great driving rhythm that still makes you want to pit-mosh a quarter century later. Did they ever really stop being a punk band? Nope, and this song proves it’s a good thing.

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