MCM 2019/T-Minus 58: Centerfold

Up at 0415, out the door at 0442. No runner’s ball cap, no Skin-So-Soft, and wearing my long back brooks running tights instead of shorts.

Three laps at 0.8 mile: done. I remembered not to take the opening downhill so fast, that this was about maintaining a pace from start to finish.

Circuit cycle, with full weights and full reps: done. No struggling with the second set of overhead shoulder presses today.

I ran out of whey protein on Tuesday, and substituted with a banana and some chocolate milk. Proceeded to feel better anyway and went about making breakfast.

Out at 0442, in at 0549. Not bad.

Tomorrow morning is Zion 6. My goal is 11:30 to 12 minute pace for the first two miles, then negative splits the rest of the way.

No travel plans this Labor Day weekend; staying in town and running the Little Face 18 on Sunday. The name comes from the Little Flower School and Holy Face Church, which share the parking lot in which I will run the turnaround point just after Mile 9.

Since last year’s Runner’s Expo at the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon, I have had three unopened packets of Tailwind. Runners on the MCM and 10K Facebook page swear by it to a man and a woman. I am looking to reduce or eliminate the cramping in my thighs and calves that seems to strike around miles 15~17, so I am going to switch out my traditional Bio Black Cherry energy additive with half a packet of Tailwind and see what happens. The ingredients read like a science project, and the caffeine in the Caffeinated Endurance Fuel is theist item in the ingredients list. We’ll see.

Oh…no change to the 20-oz. bottle of water with Nuun tabs just before the run.

Quick thoughts on run tactics for Sunday: First it’s the Little Flower 18, because my turnaround is the Little Flower School parking lot. Second, my best bet is to maintain 11:30~12:30 pace until I make the turn onto Chancellor’s Run Road. Mile 6 is where the road starts to roll downhill, so this is the best bet to start picking up the pace. The run back up Chancellor’s road is a steady incline, so I need to watch myself until I make the turn for home at Mile 14.

Song of the Day: J. Geils Band/”Centerfold:”

Does any song from the MTV-era get any more radio play than this one? Maybe it was the memory of the video, starring a bevy of pretty girls (one who looked like, but was NOT MTV VeeJay Martha Quinn). Maybe it really was that good of a song, so much of the music screams FUN! Basically it’s Peter Wolf singing about discovering his favorite high-school crush is a centerfold model in an…ahem…adult magazine.

Still, like I said, a fun song. The melody, driven by the organs, then the guitars, and finally by whites, it catchy as hell and never really goes away when you get done with the song.


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