MCM 2019/T-Minus 57: Pedo

Got up at 0420 for my 0455 six miler to Zion United Methodist Church. At 0430 I finished putting in my contacts. At 0440, I went to grab my phone…oh, look, I forgot to charge it last night AGAIN.

At 0445 I found my old pedometer and a fluorescent arm band and stepped out the door.

I had no way of keeping pace because it was much too dark too see; even the street lamps were not much help (damned cataracts). I think I did okay in keeping a slow steady pace for the first two miles and then turning on the gas afterwards. With most of the rolling hills of that section of Three notch Road going more downward than upward, I was able to increase my pace on the last four miles.

As I finished under the streetlamp past the Abberly Crest entrance sign, I read the pedometer and it said “01:03:31.” Came out to a 10:32 pace. Although I doubt I can keep that up for 26 miles, damn that looked good.

It didn’t feel that good, because even though I did stretch, to include two Japanese ham sandwiches, I didn’t stretch out my calves this morning and they were a little sore afterwards.

And so, one week of accelerated start times in the books. Now that I’m used to getting up earlier, I can cut out my excuses and get my runs done earlier, and not have to skip/cancel workout sessions.

So, I did some nutrition research with the MCM and 10K Facebook group this afternoon.

  1. Can I use a banana and chocolate milk instead of whey protein for post workout recovery? I got five answers: one “yes,” one recommending sushi (???), and two recommending beer. One other person recommended the Boost nutrition shakes.
  2. I saw another thread recommending suggestions for the legendary Tailwind neutron powder. After reading about 35~40 comments, I decided to try one half of the 200 calorie packet in a 17oz. bottle of water, subbing out the trusty Mio water I usually run with. I am trying to find something that can help reduce my cramps at the 15~17 mile marks of my longer runs.
  3. Probably a good idea to start eating more bananas one the regular. Not only will it help build potassium to keep my calf and thigh cramps in check, but they will be properly eaten as opposed to having to throw them out because OMFG they’re so dark brown and overripe as hell.

My Labor Day Weekend? Grocery shopping, prepping for Sunday’s long run, cooling down/breakfast/napping after Sunday’s long run, maybe some televised soccer this weekend, call my brother and sister…yeah, real exciting stuff.

Song of the Day: The Police/”Bring on the Night”

Love the tempo and the rythm of this song. Andy Summers’ opening guitar riffs, Stewart Copeland’s percussion working with Sting’s bass to set the pace. A runner could really get going with this song. Oh, look: Genius has some actual information for once:

“Bring on the Night” is track 4 of 1979’s Reggatta de Blanc. It was originally a song called “Carrion Prince (O Ye of Little Hope)” written three years earlier for Sting’s previous band Last Exit; the title is based off Ted Hughes’s poem “King of Carrion.” When the song was first written it was about Pontius Pilate, but after reading Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song Sting felt the song better suited Gary Gilmore’s death wish and since then:

“I sing it with him in mind.”
– Sting (The Police: L’Historia Bandido, pg. 36)

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