MCM 2019/T-Minus 60: Awake

Back to the 0430 grind…

Actually I was up a little before that, having gone to an early bedtime (9:00 p.m-ish) and up at about 3:30 a.m, when I posted my blog for Monday.

Once again I had issues with the second set of overhead shoulder presses on my circuit cycle. I only did 9 reps instead of the standard 12. It’s not so much a running issue as it is a general health issue. I do need to see a doctor sometime soon.

The work is getting very serious this month. Most of my Wednesday/Friday runs will be six milers as I prep for the twenty milers in September. One change to the schedule: this Sunday I will run the Little Face 18, then hit a 20 miler next weekend (September 8), followed by the Millennium Trail 22 on September 15). I would like to run an actual half marathon on September 22 and a full marathon on September 29. We’ll see.

Because my six mile runs generally take about an hour and twelve minutes (assuming a twelve minute pace) I will be stepping off for runs at 0445, meaning being up and about at 0430. I will also be up at 0430 on Thursday for the intervals and cycle workouts.

Health check:

Rash on my left arm. Put some calamine spray on it after I got home today.

Right shoulder: Just sore, or something out of place?

Patellae/knee muscles: Holding up well

Right thigh: I can feel it, but not in a sore or painful way.

Note to self: Need to get more whey protein and GU’s for the next weeks’ runs.

Song of the Day: When In Rome/”The Promise:”

I bought you a delicious bass. Would you like to play with me?

If you saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you know the above as the movie’s closing lines, and this song followed as the movie closed with the title character and his love interest playing a game of tetherball. At a live celebration of the movie’s tenth anniversary, vocalist Clive Farrington performed the song live as the end credits rolled. If not for Napoleon I may never have taken such serious interest in the song.

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