MCM 2019/T-Minus 63: Time

Early bedtime Friday night (after my second Chik-Fil-A meal of the day) and early reveille Saturday morning to do my intervals (0.8 mile miles x3) and circuit cycle. I completed my three laps around the Abberly Crest parking lots at 70% race pace, cool down walk to the house to get my workout logbook, walked halfway to the Apex Clubhouse before realizing I forgot my key fob to get into the Apex, walked back to get the key fob, then back to the Apex. Pumped out two full sets at full weights and I was actually sweating and breathing hard when I was wrapping up the second set.

I left the apartment at 0442 and returned at 0553. Take off four minutes for my screw-up with the key fob and I am at one hour and seven minutes for the whole workout. At 0449 (estimated) I have about 15 minutes to recover and do my blood glucose reading before making breakfast on a workday. So, in theory, I should be able to do intervals/circuits on a Thursday before work.

This morning officially ended my “Sleep-In” week after last Sunday’s downfall on the Mount Vernon Trail. I did run my four miles on the iStore 4 yesterday. I shifter my step-off time from 1830 (6:30 p.m.) to 1700 (5:00 p.m.) because the weather was much cooler than it had been. I decided to ignore the threat of rain; if it came down, it came down. I hadn’t run in four days and I was out of excuses this week.

The rain started as a drizzle, then turned into a full downpour as I passed the two-mile point at Bay Montessori School towards the iStore storage facility. I got soaked, but still managed an 11:47 pace. I think I slowed down too much on the uphill on Willow Road (12;19 pace at 2 mi.), but i did pick up negative splits the rest of the way.

Without going into too much public detail, I got soaked in more ways than one ( a No. 1 is better than a No. 2, enders the lesson), but I did get in a good run. Not so much worrying about the weather, since I will be running sans waxing gibbous, but if I can recover from a full workout in time for a long Sunday run.

Sorry, no Song of the Day because YouTube is acting up this morning. See you tomorrow.

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