MCM 2019/T-Minus 64: Here!

“Sleep-In” Week has made me kind of lazy for this here blog, so let me recap the week so far:

I did make the Tuesday afternoon trips to the Apex Clubhouse for my circuit cycle workouts. With the exception of my second set of abs curls on Tuesday, the sessions went well. That particular set of abs curls was due to me not having the machine set up properly.

As for the afternoon run on Tuesday, I started, but DNF’d it about 30 seconds into the run. Piss poor prep: I didn’t stretch out, didn’t hydrate, my knees flared up, and I had no real “pump” to go and run three miles.

Normally I blog after I workout, but I am off work today and I thought I would do this now. I am scheduled to run four miles (iStore 4) this afternoon. I am shooting for no later than 6:30 p.m. step-off, but the weather is very cool today. If the rain can hold out until later, I may go run earlier (5:30~6ish).

Long term Sunday runs (very tentative after this Sunday_:

  1. Aug. 25: SE Loop 10
  2. Sept. 2: Pax River 20 or Millennium Trail 22
  3. Sept. 9: Millennium 22 or Indian Head Rail Trail 20
  4. Sept. 16: Full marathon?

All of this depending on funding, lodging availability, and what happens on Sept. 2.

Next Tuesday marks 60 days until the Marine Corps Marathon. Jus’ sayin’.

Song of the Day: Franz Ferdinand/”Take Me Out:”

Two things: 1) Genius is supposed to be main source for the story on song lyrics, but they seem to be caught up in way too much hip-hop and popular music BS right now. 2) I may have done this song before and I never really get a chance to go through my archives, so…3) here we go anyway:

I discovered this track on the Madden 2005 (Sega Genesis version) soundtrack. I discovered the actual video about four to five years later. The song is supposedly about a dude at a bar trying to pick up a girl before the bar closes (holla if ya feel me!).

Me personally? I enjoy hearing the opening minute or so, then the change in tempo for the main part of the song. War-cry type lead guitars, a driving rhythm (great for running), and the vocalist just about daring the woman of his dreams (at a bar, no less…work with me) to take him home. I would honestly love to hear this in the middle of a long run, when I’m at the point that I’m in the grinding part of the run (about halfway thru) and I need some sort of mental pick up to find that “second wind” or “next gear.”


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