MCM 2019/T-Minus 68: Snooze

Halfway through “power-walking” and attempting to run the last six miles of the Mount Vernon Trail, I decided to cut back on the training this week.

First, my overall strategy for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon: take it”easy” on the opening third of the race and slowly build up speed over the last 18 miles. I worked way too hard on the rolling hills of the opening eight miles, and I hit the wall around mile 16~17. There have been days when it works out, and days where it has not. My current pace is just under 12 minutes, which is more than enough to Beat the Bridge, but I feel like I’m holding back.

The last week building up to Mount Vernon wasn’t bad. The weather was good, I ran at a comfortable but hard-working pace, and I had no issues with my legs. Even after overdoing it to get back on track yesterday, I was feeling alright. The full moon was out, I had no undue pain in any of my limbs (no plantar, knee, or thigh/groin muscle issues), I was working up a good sweat. The weather was just right and life was good.

I remember seeing the sign that said “Mount Vernon 8.0 miles,” remembering that first attempt here in 2015. I started two hours late, courtesy of my ignoring the DC transit system, and I was caught in the middle of some nasty humidity. I was thinking that I was finally going to do it right this time.

…and then the tank ran dry around Mile 7.

So, this week, instead of doing 20 miles, I am going to do the Southeast Loop 10, getting back to the Willow Road/HWY-5/Great Mills grind. The short runs will be the Shangri-La 3 mile and the iStore 4.

Also, I’m going to be sleeping in this week; from Tuesday through Friday, I will do my workouts after work. If the weather changes like it has done today (great big thundercloud moved in just as I got home from work), I may have to either say screw it and run or just take a powder that day.

Song of the Day: From the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, the entrance themes for Gangrel/the Brood, D-Generation X, and the New Age Outlaws. Okay, none of these songs have anything to do with running, but I can’t believe it’s been twenty-one years since I seriously watched professional wrestling, particularly the WWF/WWE and its “Attitude Era.” It was a pretty unique time and place for professional wrestling, and I haven’t seen anything like it since. Maybe the Bullet Club?

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