MCM 2019/T-Minus 70: Route

Notes from the route recon to the Mount Vernon Trail:

Need to Uber to All-time Fitness in Rosslyn; that is the closest I’ll get to the entrance to the Trail, which is located at the intersection of North Lynn Street and Lee Highway. Cheaper than the taxi and no mass transit available at 0500.

Hope for one more night of the full moon; street lamps on the path are VERY dim. Fist mile is gonna be DARK.

Near the end of Daingerfield Island, there will be a fork in the road. Take the left fork and follow it to North Union Street. You will pass three parks: Founders, Windhill (left) and Shipyard (on your right), and go through Jones Point Park. Follow the path/any single through the Park and follow it along the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. After you cross I-495, everything else is marked the rest of the way. Consider yourself halfway home at this point.

If you can’t see the Potomac River after Daingerfield Park…you’re doing it wrong.

Keep and eye out for any close-by Port-a-Johns at the parks along the Trail. Just because the maps say “Parl” doesn’t mean you won’t have to go a half-mile of course to get to them.

Going home will be tricky. After you cool down and stretch out at Mount Vernon proper, ask the bus driver BEFORE YOU BOARD THE BUS how to get to the Reagan National Express, or whatever bus will get you to L’Enfant Plaza or the closest Metro home. Make sure you have bus cash and your Metro card.

Don’t forget to get a (plastic?) spoon for your breakfast yogurt in the morning.

Ragtime Restauraunt and Bar has a good brunch…jus’ sayin’…

Song of the Day: Asia/”Only Time Will Tell:”

Okay, apparently Genius can talk all day about hip-hop, but as far as history on other songs of other genres? Not a damn thing. All I have to say is that if you were looking for a theme song for Hillary Clinton’s court-martial or an alternative to “The Trial” near the end of Pink Floyd: The Wall…well, here you go. Only quibble I have is that I would have switched the guitar solo with the keyboard solo near the climax of the song (like in the original video from so, so long ago).

Post script: I did an abbreviated interval/circuit cycle this morning. Started at 0500. Two 0.8 mi. laps, then a reduced reps (8 instead of 12) circuit cycle. Got back to the house at 0557. If I wanted to do this on a workday (three laps and 12 reps), I would have to start my intervals at 0445.

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