MCM 2019/T-Minus 71: Plans

Got up a half hour earlier so I could finish the run around 0600…and I did just that. I think MapMyRun is due an update because once again it called out my splits at irregular intervals (1.25 mi. instead of straight 1 mile). Not a bad run and good weather, although the cloud cover obscured the full moon. Not gonna have such a privilege on Sunday, and the opening leg of the Mt. Vernon trail is dark.

Unfortunately, I left my wallet at home this morning. Getting it would have meant a forty-minute round trip on the bike, and the person who would have been the candidate for a quick run home was busy today. No wallet, no money for lunch. Almost four o’clock and the first thing I’ve eaten since 0645 has been Fruit Roll-Ups.

Notes from pre-scouting/planning for the Mt. Vernon Trail run this Sunday:

Hilton Garden Inn/Rosslyn again…at a bargain military discounted price! There is a hotel right across the street from the Rosslyn entrance to the trail but it’s not a Hilton hotel. yes, I’m a snob that way. Hope the WiFi and satellite TV are better here though.

There are Port-A-Johns at Reagan National, although that area needs a serious Marine Corps-type police call (trash EVERYWHERE last time I ran it in 2016). Will have to keep an eye out for other bathroom breaks.

I need to remember to look for the turnoff after Daingerfield Island, just after the 11 mile mark. Running through the parks of Olde Towne Alexandria is the proper route through the Mt/VT, NOT through Washington Street!

Mt. Vernon Trail motto: “If you can’t see the Potomac River, you’re doing it wrong.”

Rosslyn is the actual END of the trail. Mile markers for water/Gu breaks: 14-10-6-2. Last break comes after the most serious hill on the course at Fort Hunt Park.

Need to remember to take money for the bus and add money to the Metro card for the ride back to the hotel on Sunday.


Song of the Day: Robert Palmer/”Looking for Clues”

I had seen this video on Video Music Channel and Night Flight on USA Network, a few years before it appeared on MTV’s first day of programming in 1981. This is very different from “Bad Case of Loving You” and “Addicted for Love” in terms of lyrics and style. It’s not as sexy as his “Addicted” or as R&B as “Bad Case,” but it’s a fun, upbeat song. The video is cute, but the album version is about a minute fifteen seconds longer.




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