MCM 2019/T-Minus 72: Sirius

The question for Saturday morning: How long will it take me to do 3 x 0.8 mi. intervals and then a reduced-weight circuit cycle? Can I get it done within an hour to an hour fifteen minutes? And can I do it with no adverse impact to my Sunday run?

I will answer that question Saturday morning, as I have postponed my intervals until then…but I DID get up and do my circuit cycle sets.

I need to buy more white sox; most every pair I have has a hole in the big toe area.

Okay, enough stalling. Here is the long overdue Song of the Day Extended Play MaxiCD!!!

(provided YouTube behaves this evening)

Cake/”Comfort Eagle:” From Snowskeeper on

“This song is about the music industry’s tactic of taking bands and shaping their sound into a product, using the spread and advertisement of an organized religion as an extended metaphor.

It also appears to be about the effects of corporations on society in general; the song makes references to “jungles of cardboard shanties and tents,” and to public figures declaring that democracy is a sham.”

Cake/”Long Line of Cars:”

Oh, look…YouTube is being a bitch again tonight.

Genius isn’t much help here, but I can tell you that when I used to drive home for the holidays, it would take no less than four hours to get out of the state of Maryland. And like any military installation, traffic is an absolute bitch and change trying to get on and off base during rush hour. If there’s rains or snow or an auto accident enroute…better get comfortable and make sure your CD player/Sirius XM is working.

Pearl Jam/”Crazy Mary:”

Heard this song live, and even though this isn’t the exact version I heard on Sirius/XM, I had to take a live version just to do the band justice.

To be honest, this song just struck me the right way during the one hour forty-five drive from Lexington park to Tyson’s Corner last Saturday. I was flipping through the XM stations and this one grabbed me and said “Whoa there cowboy!” Not one of PJ’s top ten live songs but a damn good jam session song.

Kiss/”War Machine:”

Gene Simmons out front and growling, Peter Criss bringing the thunder and Paul Stanley and Ace Frehly supplying the lightning. Classic Kiss, single or no single. If I were in charge of the next generation of Transformers movies, Kiss would be a part of the soundtracks.

Killers/”The Man:”

“I got gas in the tank
I got money in the bank
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man
I got skin in the game
I got a household name
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man”

The last song recorded for the album Wonderful Wonderful, the band admitted the song started just to have some fun. Lead singer Brandon Flowers, according to Genius, said that the lyrics were mostly about being in “a place of regret about who he was when the band started.”

Still, this was a damn good jam to discover on the drive to Virginia. I can NOT hear a song like this and not get jazzed up, or wish I was on a dance floor.

This blog post brought to you by Sirius XM…well, not officially. But I do recommend it when you’re renting a car and you don’t have any of your mixCDs handy.

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