MCM 2019: Recap

T-Minus 75: Week In Review

First, I need to start charging my phone before I go to sleep.

Second, I did alright last week despite skipping the Wednesday run. I am looking to push forsaking it easy the first third of the run, then picking up the pace on the last two-thirds. I burned out everything I had on the opening third of last year’s Marine Corps Marathon (most of which were inclines and one significant hill) then struggles over the last two thirds.

Third, too much injury worry. I scammed out of Wednesday MORNING’S run “to let my right leg heal a little bit more.” On Saturday morning, my left knee kind of buckled under me; I put a Copper Fit knee sleeve on it for the Sunday run and it felt fine. I stopped feeling the sleeve somewhere around mile six.

I purchased another knee sleeve for my right leg on Monday. Jus’ sayin’.

Next Sunday is the Mount Vernon Trail 18. Gotta remember to take the detour and run through the parks this year. Wednesday is (was) the Pax Gate 1 5 miler and the Superwillow 6 on Friday.

T-Minus 74: Tuesday

Oh, look…another morning workout skipped because I couldn’t get out of bed. I did make it to the gym about 6:00 Tuesday night, and did the increased weights with 12 full reps on my increased weights circuit cycle. Although I struggled a bit on the second set of overhead shoulder presses, I still finished the set. Went back home feeling fine-no soreness outside the usual post-workout hurting.

I had to record my workout for Tuesday in a separate notebook because I left my orange Elbit Systems logbook in my carry bag…in the trunk of the rental car I returned to Enterprise! Fortunately, one of the customer reps found it and gave me a call to tell me he found it and held it for me.

Losing the notebook would not have been the end of the world, but it’s only five years’ worth of workouts and run times. Just a piece of personal history…no big deal…

T-Minus 73: Wednesday

Got up this morning, groggy as hell after a night with no real dinner and little to eat except bananas, raising, Brisk iced tea, and taco-flavor Doritos with salsa. Stretched out and made the run. Steady twelve minute pace the whole way. It felt good to be out there in the pre-dawn, instead of trying to run just after the heat of the day and facing the after-work traffic.

The run time was good; the health news was even better. No overly-sore right thigh muscle. No over-driven right big toe. No knee problems in either knee.

Alas, no Song of the Day today either, because I have to go watch soccer. SOTD tomorrow…pinky swear!

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