MCM 2019/T-Minus 79: Healed (?)

Oh, look…yet another morning wasted sleeping in.

I made up my mind this afternoon to do the 0.8 mile intervals and a circuit cycle workout, in that order. However, with a six mile trip to Zion Methodist in the morning, I decided to keep it light. Instead of three laps, I kept it to two. I also lightened the reps on all the exercises, while also lightening the weights on the leg excesses.

I am resting now, having downed my protein shake (kinda yucky) and my banana. My leg isn’t completely pain-free, but it feels much better. My sore right big toe doesn’t hurt anymore, and it felt fine in my new shoes.

My “new” Brooks Ravennas got a trial break-in today on the 2×0.8 intervals. So far they feel good on my feet and my legs. The first real test comes tomorrow morning.

Still no idea what to do for the sixteen miler on Sunday. I want to go out of town, but I have to find a good course somewhere. I’ll check on the TrailLink website tonight and tomorrow and see if there’s anything good and/or new.

Song of the Day: Rolling Stones/”Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?:” I first discovered this song as the montage theme for Joe (Nicky Sciano) Pesci’s gang burglarizing half of Las Vegas in the movie Casino. According to vocalist Mick Jagger and lead guitarist Keith Richards, this song was a happy accident.

Keith mentioned that the second half of the song, which was an excellent jam with Bobby Keys’ saxophone solo and former guitarist Mick Taylor getting a rare chance to turn loose, was just everybody still playing without the playback was still recording. Mick needed to record vocal overlays with harmonies because he wasn’t happy about not being able to hit the higher notes.

…and then they played the tape back and thought it was awesome. Only the Stones, y’all…

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