MCM 2019/T-Minus 78: Indoc

Sooo…even though my smartphone was completely dead this morning (meaning no MapMyRun to track distance/pace, etc.) I did get up at 0430 for my 0500 run to Zion UMC and back. I was feeling so good that it seemed like the church appeared earlier than I expected. My right leg felt okay and my right big toe didn’t have as much stress as it did on last Sunday’s run.

Oh, and my “new” Brooks Ravennas are now officially “broken in.”

I think I have found an acceptable venue for my Sunday run: MacArthur Boulevard Bike Path. According to TrailLink it is a nice 8 miles of asphalt. “The MacArthur Boulevard Bike Path follows the winding road through the communities of Bethesda and Potomac, just north of Washington, DC. Along the way, the path passes shops in Cabin John and Glen Echo, and provides access to the popular Glen Echo Park,” says TrailLink. Sounds nice. I will have to do some research on where exactly the Bike Trail is so I can make lodging and travel arrangements. This will be a nice change of pace from running in the Patuxent River/Lexington Park/Great Mills area that I have been touring the last two months. Provided I don’t flame out on Sunday, next weekend will be a trip to Rosslyn, Va to run the Mount Vernon Trail…the actual course this time!

I am really glad I got my run in this morning, it just leaves so much for the rest of the day to do stuff…if I fell like it, since this is my day off.

I do have an appointment with my financial manager, and then a trip to Weis for some shopping (or maybe Wal-Mart?) and then back here to plot a course for the weekend run.

Song of the Day: Queen/”One Vision”: You know what? I can’t tell if YouTube is really having “technical difficulties,” or if it’s my six-year old iMac, or this is just a way for YouTube to extort money from me, but there are stretches when YouTube really acts like shit.

Okay, the song: while most of the band’s songs are collective songwriting efforts, this one was birthed by drummer Roger Taylor. “In the 2011 BBC documentary, Queen: Days of Our Lives, Taylor stated his lyrics were ‘sort of half nicked off Martin Luther King’s famous speech.’”The band might have also found inspiration from their epic live performance at Live Aid in 1985, about a year before “OV” was released.

The lyrics are awe-inspiring, and the band is tight at all points of the compass. Also, for all the wonderment of 1980s videos, the official band video shows them playing the song in the studio: just another day at the office.

Gimme, gimme, gimme FRIED CHICKEN!!! (Popeye’s please)

Also, Iron Eagle was da bomb, yo!

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