MCM 2019/T-Minus 82: Short

Not really in a good mood tonight, and it’s already 9:00 p.m. EST, so this is gonna be a short one. Sorry, no SOTD either.

Things have gone a bit south since the Friday morning run. My right thigh has been acting up, and only KT tape helped me through the Sunday run. I think I burst some blood veins in my right big toe, and I may need to get that checked out, sooner rather than later.

The soreness in my right leg has crept under my kneecap, possibly into my hamstrings. I also have soreness in my right shoulder, my right index finger is sore for some reason, and now my left foot, just under the ball of the foot, started hurting while leaving work this afternoon.

I’m really worried about breaking down right now, with less than 90 days before the Marine corps Marathon. A doctor’s visit may be in order this week.

Icy Hot tonight, and a knee brace for the morning. See you tomorrow.

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