MCM 2019/T-Minus 93: KT

I got up ten minutes before the 4 a.m. alarm do get dressed ally because I wanted to apply some KT tape to my troublesome right thigh muscle. I was also running on base at Naval Air Station Patuxent River this morning, adding drive time to my pre-run prep time. I got breakfast and dressed, but I guess I goofed off a little bit because it was 4:55 when I arrived at the Pax River Drill Hall to start my run. I stretched out, fixed my Flipbelt (two 8-0z bottles of Mio water, 2 GUs, car keys, smartphone w/MapMyRun app) and took off at 5:08 a.m.

My right thigh was still sore, but the KT tape helped me hold out through the ten-mile loop around the base. The stiff wind that dogged me a month ago was absent, as well as the humidity that was present through most of July. I discovered a couple of downward stretches just after the five mile mark and just before the bridge at Mile 7, but my pace was a little off the mark. I did cut four minutes off my overall time and 14 seconds off my pace from when I ran this back in June.

The KT tape helped, but I’m a little worse for the wear that usual. First, I think I have a ‘skeeter bite around the back of my neck, even though I put plenty of Skin-So-Soft around that area this morning. Second, although I applied as much BodyGlide as possible to my, ah…nether regions, I still felt some chaffing after the run. On top of that, my right thigh is a little sore. I can still walk around, but it’s a little more limp than I expected. Lastly, I put more pressure than I expected on my right big toe, which is pinging me right now.

Also, this is officially the last day that I run with my current pair of shoes. Since the week before the last year’s Marine Corps Marathon, I have been running with a pair of Aspics Gel-Contend-4s.  Starting Tuesday, I am running with a pair of Brooks Ravennas that I purchased at last year’s MCM Expo. If the weather is crappy this weekend, maybe I can pair my Ravennas with a set of the $100 running tights that I also purchased. Anyway, hopefully a new pair of shoes can fi some of my medical issues. The day off can’t hurt either.

Song of the Day: The Eagles/”Hotel California:” In honor of 97.7 the Bay proclaiming this “Eagles Take Off Weekend,” I am playing the one song that I have yet to heat this weekend. First off, I love the live video version of this song, and I wish I could have found one without the subtitlados en espanol. Especially digging the ending guitar duel/duet with guitarists Joe Walsh and Don Felder, who write the music that eventually became “Hotel.” Also good to see Don henley working the skins and his rough-but-gentle singing.

Also, for years, I thought it was: ‘Relax, said the night man, we are programmed to DECEIVE (it’s “receive”).”

Felder worked a cassette tape (remember those?) with about 16 to 17 songs and passed it out to the rest of the band. Henley said he liked the one “that sounded like ‘Mexican reggae’,” which was NOT the original title of the track. As for the actual lyrics, over to you Don: “Some of the wilder interpretations of that song have been amazing. It was really about the excesses of American culture and certain girls we knew. But it was also about the uneasy balance between art and commerce.” If that’s not really clear, keep in mind this quote from the late great Glenn Frey about songwriting in general:“Vaguery is the primary tool of songwriters.”

Hat tip to YouTube for the video and for the education.


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