MCM 2019/T-Minus 85: Evening

Friday evening. Another early evening run in the books, chicken thighs are in the oven, and another entry in this here blog.

I postponed the run to Triple E Farm Road because of impending inclement weather (rain that didn’t really hit until 0700) and my smartphone not being charged enough for the hour’s worth of running.

Yes, I know, lame excuses.

Anyway, the rain cam and went. The sun peaked out about 1600 (4:00 p.m. EST) as I got ready to leave work, and about 1800 (6:00) it was out in its full glory, flanked by a few clouds.

First thing I noticed that the start of the course has a slight rise before a gradual downhill. It’s tempting to think you can start the run by getting some good early momentum, but then you have to go right uphill. Unfortunately, today wasn’t the day for me to get that great start. My thighs, left and right, were sore even though I stretched out before coming out there. I shook it off for a 12:01 pace at the first mile past the Bay Montessori school.

As I approached the Two Hens store/residence, I noticed the small but very mean dog that had greeted me so rudely a few weeks ago. When I do my runs going north on HWY-5, I run across the street from Two Hens and don’t cross over until I am completely clear of the property. I barely acknowledge the dog, and he barely gave me more than a first look; no warning barking or other noise.

Two important things I learned; first, the little dog is always in the house during darkness hours. Second, don’t give him a reason, and he’ll leave you alone.

As I made the climb up the hill and passed Glen Mary Farms, Nach-T, and Triple E I made an attempt to pick up the pace, despite may sore thighs. After a slow Mile 4, highlighted by the climb back up Willow Road, I finished strong and made the finish up past the three fireplugs. As I finished, I thought to myself about getting a change of scenery. Working the hills on Highway 5 is challenging, but it’s getting to be the same-old, same-old. I’m supposed to run the Southeast 10 this Sunday, but I have a car for this weekend, so maybe a trip on base, or maybe out of town is in order?

Song of the Day: Cream/”White Room:” Despite the YouTube video, “White Room” was released from the album Wheels of Fire. From poet Pete Brown, the lyricist for the song:

“[The song] was a meandering thing about a relationship that I was in and how I was at the time … It was a time before I stopped being a relative barman and became a songwriter, because I was a professional poet, you know. I was doing poetry readings and making a living from that. It wasn’t a very good living, and then I got asked to work by [Ginger Baker] and Jack with them and then started to make a kind of living. And there was this kind of transitional period where I lived in this actual white room and was trying to come to terms with various things that were going on. It’s a place where I stopped, I gave up all drugs and alcohol at that time … That song’s like a kind of weird little movie: it changes perspectives all the time. That’s why it’s probably lasted, it’s got a kind of mystery to it.”

I discovered the lyrics to the song on a YouTube video; I like how Pete is writing about lovers saying goodbye at a train station. Eric Clapton pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix with a wah-wah’s-wah pedal solo, backed by Ginger baker’s crashing drums and Jack Bruce’s bass, to finish the song.

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