MCM 2019/T-Minus 84: Sore?

So, I performed a circuit cycle on a Saturday for the first time in two weeks. However, the soreness in my thighs (especially my right one) has flared up a bit. Also, my right knee was pinging me as I walked back up the stairs to my apartment, after I got done with the workout.

Most likely I will need some therapy on my sore right leg before I got to bed tonight; probably some Icy Hot and some leg roller action for a half hour or so. Also a few strips of KT tape before the run tomorrow morning.

Also, change 1: Instead of the Southeast 10 I will go on base to run the 10-mile loop there. Next three weeks will be progressively longer. Running 16 miles (Southern Cross, though that may change), then the Mt.Vernon Trail 18-miler, then 20 at most likely the Carl Henn Millennium Trail in Rockville, MD.

Off the top of my head, running two laps of the St. Mary’s Lake Trail (7.5 miles) will trade one mile of distance for challenge, but I am not sure about the weather this week. Rain on a Saturday means a swarm of ‘skeeters on Sunday. There is also the injury risk, and I normally run the trail sans trail shoes.

Speaking of shoes, this will be the last week I run with my current pair of running shoes. More details on the incoming and outgoing shoes next Wednesday, when I officially make the switch.

Song of the Day: Oasis/”F***ing in the Bushes”: One of my favorite instrumentals ever. Excellent work by the band all around although lead singer Liam Gallagher may as well have been having a smoke or a shag. It was the opening song played on the live album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, played by tape just before the band came out for their performances on tour. From guitarist/vocalist Noel, brother of Liam:

“I was working on a remix for James Lavelle’s band Unkle. We had a day off when we were done with the recording and we started to mess around with drum loops. I put on the bass line and some guitar and we realized that it could be quite good. We had watched a movie about the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 and we had laughed at some of the people in the movie, so we sampled them. The beginning has the promoter whining at all the hippies that broke down the fences around the concert area.”

Rikki Farr is the concert promoter cursing out the crowd at the Isle of Wight Festival (1970). His speech opens the tune. The other two samples…???

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