MCM 2019/T-Minus 86: Epiphany

Note: I am writing this 11 hours later and I postponed my 0500 run to later this evening so this will be short. Also, no Song of the Day. Sorry.

This morning I did another circuit cycle with increased weights at 8 reps apiece instead of 12. On the opening set of leg presses and chest presses, I forgot I was only supposed to do eight reps.

After I got home from work, I decided to do intervals of 4 x 800. Now when I drew up the map of Abberly Crest’s parking lot I assumed 1600 meters (equivalent to two laps of the PRT Track aboard Was Patuxent River) was one mile and 800 meters (one lap plus 100 meters) was a half-mile. I drew up an interval course that was 0.8 (8/10 of a mile) miles…which should have been 0.5 miles.

This evening, before hitting the road for my intervals, I looked at the map to check my distance. I opened up MapMy Run,pulled up the map and converted from miles to kilometers. Instead of being 880 meters, it read 1.2 Km (1200 meters).

My epiphany on the actual distance finally hit me on the first lap of my 0.8 mile intervals. I calculated that four laps would take me to 3.2 miles, instead of the 2 miles that the four 800 meter runs would take me. I decided to cut my workout to just three laps and call it good.

The goal of intervals is to maintain a good running pace over time and distance. The next time I do intervals I will wear one of my old wristwatches and use the stopwatch function to measure my lap times.

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