MCM 2019: T-Minus 87/Phone

For the second consecutive Wednesday morning, I left my smartphone uncharged, and woke up to find it at a paltry 15%. No way would it survive an hour run. Other than that? No problem.

I took the run to Hilton Ridge Road at a good clip. Some humidity, and the new moon wasn’t much help with the pre-dawn darkness, but it was still a good run.

I need to keep an eye on my knees, in regards to bike riding and running. A little twinge in my right knee on the way home tonight.

Raining right now, and I almost got caught in the rain on the way home today. Need to check the weather for the rest of this week.

Tomorrow morning, back to the gym. Tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting, intervals. Two one milers, or four 800s TBD.

Song of the Day: Vertical Horizon/”Everything You Want:” First off: this song came out about 19 years ago. Vertical Horizon is still touring. Welladay!

“EYW” hit #1 on the Billboard charts (back in the days before YouTube and iTunes inflated the numbers) on July 15, 2000. 5th most played song of the year for 2000. VH co-founder/guitarist/singer Matthew Scannell says this about the song: “…I was in love with this girl, and she was just a broken person. She kept turning to everyone except me for love and acceptance, and I wanted so much to help her. I wanted to be the one to give her everything she wanted, but I couldn’t. She just couldn’t accept it from me, and it was that pain, that led me to creating the song.”

When I hear the song and listen to the lyrics, I think about cult leaders and Presidential campaigns; heck, the song kinda/sorta predicted president Obama’s 2008 run. The high point for me is the climaxing final line sung by Scannell.

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