MCM 2019/T-Minus 89: Lamentations

Week In Review:

So I am just about recovered from this weekend, which was running for three straight days. I did that to make up missing the Wednesday morning run, and because I needed the mileage.

When I set out Friday morning to do the first of three runs (the four miler to make up for missing Wednesday), I had not been that pumped up to run in a while. The only thing that went wrong was my smartphone not being charged so I could use my MapMyRun app. I started the run like I was shot out of a cannon, and that’s exactly how I finished.

The Saturday run was a little slower, but I still managed a strong finish. I actually followed the strategy  that I set out for the St Mary’s City run, and I got negative splits infall but two of the mile markers (both of them the start of hills).

Changes to the routine this week:

  1. Adding weights to my circuit cycle workouts, and riding those weights through September.
  2. Thursday afternoon intervals, here at Abberly Crest. I mapped out an 800 meter course around the Abberly Crest property parking lots. I can also run the 1600-meter/mile intervals either twice around the 800 meter course or do the mile out to the Lexington Park Baptist Church and back.

This week, it’s Triple E to the (HWY-5) north and Hilton Ridge to the south for 5 miles each, then the Southeast Loop 10 miler on Sunday.

Lifestyle 2019: Minor Lamentations

What’s to save?

I remember saving all my emptied 20-oz. water bottles, my empty laundry detergent containers, and damn near every other plastic thing that I could save, then when I had full bags, I would lug them down to the recycling bin at my apartment house. If I had a lot, I would drive on base to the recycling bins across from the Exchange.

Last Friday I went to the recycling bins at Abberly Crest…and they were gone. I asked the ladies at the apartment office and they told me the management had taken away the recycling bins for good. The residents would not stop putting full bags of plastic in the bins, instead of opening the bags and dumping their plastic, and Abberly Crest got tired of paying $500 for every full bag of plastic in the bins.

So now, because people can’t follow simple instructions (lust like they don’t follow the rules about picking up after their pets), I have to wait until I can rent a car to take my recycling on base, or down to the recycling station four miles south on Three Notch Road.


For years, I have saved my pocket change and put the money into coin wrappers. I am now on my second coin-collecting bank, which filters the coins into different rolls for each coin. Every summer, when I had an emergency, or every Christmas, when I gathered up my gift-buying money, I would take my wrapped coins to the Navy Federal Credit Union and use their coin-collecting machine to cash them in. I wouldn’t actually get cash, but the amount would go into my checking or savings account, and I had extra spending cash for the holidays.

A couple of years ago, NFCU took out the coin machines, citing they were too expensive to maintain. I still save up coins, but the only places that actually take coins charge you eleven cents on the dollar to cash them, and you either get an in-store certificate to be used on the spot, or a gift card. I don’t know of any other bank that has a coin machine, nd I would probably have to open up an account to use it.

So…what’s to save?

Song of the Day: Cancelled for tonight because the internet has been acting funny all day at work and at home and I’m tired of it.

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