MCM 2019/T-Minus 88: Weight

So this morning on my circuit cycle, I added weight to all my exercises. This week I am going to add weight but limit the reps from 12 to 8, so I can focus on adjusting to the added weight and getting good lifting form. If I do good enough this week (meaning I complete the workouts without DNF due to soreness or I just can’t lift the weight), then I will go back to 12 reps next week. My plan is to keep these weights through September, then taper down for the last few weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon.

I was thinking of completely ditching the circuit cycles in favor of the full body exercises in the intermediate training plan I was going to implement this year. Not sure about the injury risks…we’ll see.

My blood sugar’s back to “acceptable levels” and I am moving towards a better diet…I still need to find alternatives to the sugary soft drinks, tho’. The right side of my body seems to be a little bit more sore than my left. My right shoulder/rotator cuff is always kind of sore. Right calf and thigh too. I also need to watch my kneecaps now that I’m back on the bicycle again. Probably a good idea to get a physical and/or see a sports doctor about 60 days before the MCM.

Song of the Day: Seal/”Crazy:” Singer/songwriter/bassist Seal wrote the song in 1990, inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Tiannamen Square massacre, as well as the discovery of fractals in computer science. “I felt the cycle had reached its apex. I felt the world changing and I felt profound things happening.” The debut/lead single from his solo album was produced by Trevor Horn, and the way-wah guitar riffs were well-played bySimply Red guitarist Kenji Suzuki.

Seal plays a really good, heavy bass to drive the track, backed by the constant keyboards and reinforced by Suzuki’s guitar. Love the lyrics, too.


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