MCM 2019/T-Minus 91: Five


Ever heard the phrase “sold by weight, not by volume?” I got a dose of that on Tuesday when I purchased a new tub of whey protein for my post-circuit cycle protein shakes.

Allegedly I purchased a 1 lb., 12-oz. tub of Premier protein. However, when I cracked open the seals and opened up the tub for my first does, I saw that the container was half-empty.


If I really wanted to press the issue I could have purchased an actual food-measuring scale and sussed out how much of “one-pound-twelve-ounces” I actually spent $22 for. That being said, I doubt my half-empty tub weighs that much. Yes, I know, “sold by weight, not by volume.” That being said…bullshit.

This morning:

I think I need to update my MapMyRun app on my smartphone. My phone pulled an update to the Android operating system yesterday, and I figured that the update would also update all my apps as well. However, when I was running this morning, MMR was late calling out my splits. The vocals call out the pace at every mile, or every 1.01 miles. Today I got calls at the 1.4 mile mark, and at 2.4 3.1 and 4.1. I believe the splits and actual final distance are way off; the app called splits of 26: 35 and 24: 26, and called a five mile course “4.67 miles.” Note to self: restart the phone before you run tomorrow.

Other than that, I was slower than yesterday, MMR be damned. I need to eat good today and probably stretch out some and work some of my muscles with my roll bar that I purchased at the MCM Expo back in 2016. Probably some Icy Hot as well.

For tomorrow’s stroll to St. Mary’s City, I need to relax for the opening third; one uphill to Ranieri Run before the first mile marker, and the uphill at the Willow Road-HWY-5 intersection going north in the first two miles. When I come out of my Gu/Mio water break after the four mile mark, I can work on getting a steady and reasonably speedy pace. On the way back, there will be about a half-mile gradual uphill just before the eight mile mark, but after I cross Mile 8 (just about across the street from Mile 4, plus or minus a few hundred yards) I can pick up the pace again until I get back to the climb up to Willows Road and towards the home stretch.

Then again, I will probably blow the whole thing out of my ass.

More bananas! More water!

Song of the Day: Michael Jackson/”Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’:” “Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa, ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa…” End of discussion.

Pointer Sisters/”Jump:” They were good looking sisters who could sing. Also, this song is so 1980s. Yeah, they were kinda hot. Also, the song is pretty much about sex, but the video is all athletes jumping in one way or another. How doing the triple jump event in track and field is sexy is beyond me.

Paul Simon/”Call Me Al:” I wonder if that really was Paul Simon on bass when this song was originally recorded? If so, he had some funk on the bottom back in the day (translation: he could play bass guitar really good back then). Does he at least play the piccolo?


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