MCM 2019/T-Minus 92:Four

Wednesday, 0455: Sometimes my pre-run stimulant (Mio Energy water, black cherry flavor) turns into a laxative at precisely the wrong moment; in this case, five minutes before I step off to run. My five minute No. 2 turned into twenty, and before I knew it the time on deck was 0520. With the runtime just under an hour, and needing breakfast and getting ready to go to work, I postponed the run until after work.

Wednesday, 1830 (6:30 pm EST): I forgot that I needed to pick up laundry and to pick up dinner, since I forgot to leave out my frozen steak to thaw for the day. By the time Uber dropped me off, it was 1915, and I had not eaten dinner. So, it was McDonald’s Big Mac value meal and no run for the day.

Thursday, 1845: Another morning sleeping in, another workout postponed ’til the evening. I did make it to the gym last night, and in the wake of the workout, I decided to alter the course of the rest of this week.

See Friday was a 5 miler, Saturday was another circuit cycle, and Sunday was the “half-marathon” to St. Mary’s Cir and back. First, I cancelled my out-of-town half- marathon plans because I missed the Wednesday run. I simply didn’t have the mileage or the mental/physical “feels” to attempt a public 13.1 at this date. Second, I decided to prioritize mileage this week, so I decided to run all three days from Friday through Sunday, cancelling the Saturday circuit cycle.

Today, 0440-0555: After a half-sleeping/half awake night, the alarm went off at 0430, as usual. I didn’t get out of bed until 0440. Not wanting to put off yet another run, everything from this point was done with a sense of urgency. Got dressed and Skin-So-Softed, quick but thorough stretch, and out the door at 0455. I forgot to charge my smartphone last night, and it was at 6% charge. I decided to pass on the phone and just get out there.

My initial plan was to just go at an okay pace (12 minutes) and just finish. However, the recent humidity was greatly reduced this morning. I started off on the downhill from Abberly Crest Lane, and just took off. Now, no smartphone meant no MapMyRun this morning so I had no idea what my pace was, but I went out pretty fast. What’s more, I was able to keep up the pace for the whole four miles, from Abberly to Great Mills Road, back up Willow Road all the way to the Ranieri Run real estate development, and back up the hill and the three fireplug finish.

I felt really good today and I ran at a quick pace. The weather was the best running weather I had been in in a long time, and I was just naturally pumped to go and run; I didn’t need my Nuun tablets or a shot of Mio, although I was temporarily hit by empty-stomach pains early in the first quarter mile stretch. Maybe if can get a banana in before I run?

Four miles done today. The five-miler to Triple E Farms tomorrow. St. Mary’s City on Sunday.

Eat bananas. Drink water.

Song of the Day: Rod Stewart/”Forever Young:” Overall musically different from the Bob Dylan version from The Last Waltz, but this one grew on me as I did my pre-run stretch this morning. Rod the Mod has children? And they may be all grown by now, but…

Phil Collins/”Sussudio:“Is there a woman out there who actually bears the name Sussudio? I don’t have a lot of history on this track, but if you’ve ever seen the movie American Psycho, the lead character takes a fascinating look at the song on the YouTube comment section.

The Who/”Join Together:” A great song to “rally the troops” for…whatever. I love the harmonicas and Jew’s harp at the start and the bridge, and the song just makes you want to march through town, or start a revolution…or something.

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