MCM 2019/T-Minus 94: Weight

Getting this out of the way while waiting for my ride to work:

I finished another circuit cycle this morning. As I was finishing up I decided to up my weights for August and September, then taper off starting October.

Here is my routine, with current and proposed weights:

Stretch/Japanese ham sandwich

Exercise                        July             Aug-Sept         October

Leg Press                        100              120                   90

Chest Press                      80                90~100           70

Lat Pulldown                  90                100                  80

Overhead Shoulder      2×20/12       2×25/12           2×15/12

Lex Extension                120              140~150          100

Bicep Curl                        2×20/12      2×25/12          2×15/12

Leg Curl                           120              140~150         100

Abs Curl                            150              160~175        120

The objective of these circuit cycles is to maintain muscle for running, not to build physique. I don’t need to be swollen, just strong enough to run three days a week without sustaining any long-term injury.

It’s going to rain today, but the weather promises to be better tomorrow; still overcast but less humid. I will keep checking the weather for the weekend (half marathon out of town or St. Mary’s City?)…

Song of the Day:

Bananarama/”Cruel Summer:” Because how else can you describe trying to run with record humidity, followed by rain when you left want or need it?

Bachman-Turner Overdrive/”Let It Ride:” 97.7. the Bay has the feels this morning. I love this song: the meaty rhythm guitars, the thundering rhythm section, and the vocals that go heavy and smooth at just the right times. Yes, I’ll let it ride.



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