MCM 2019/T-minus 98: Skip

The alarm went off at 0430. I got out of bed around 0700.

I decided to take the day off and hope for a better run tomorrow. I am doing an 11 mile round trip to the SAIC Building in California, MD. Five and a half out and back each way.

The weather will be…much less rainy. I want to say “drier” but it has been steamy humid this last week. I believe there will be  a full moon for at least the first 10~20 minutes of the run.

On my way to Sport Clips for a haircut and beard trim a couple of weeks ago, I walked by a sports medicine facility. I may need to fish out my Tricare and Cigna insurance cards and pay them a visit soon; I want to check out some niggling ailments before the Marine Corps Marathon.

Aaand it’s bedtime. No Song of the Day tonight. Sorry.

Blues Brothers/”She Caught the Katy:” Okay, at least this song, my “got out of Facebook jail” theme. The song from the opening scene from The Blues Brothers, where Elwood Blues (Dan Akroyd) picks up his brother Joliet Jake from prison…in a police car. The Katy is a train run by the old Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad, by the way.

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